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If you’re hosting this years’ Christmas party for all your loved ones and friends, make it extra special this year with our Christmas Party collection! Filled with bright colours, Christmas characters, and plenty of glassware, it will be a time full of laughter and joy for all.

Deck your halls for the ultimate Christmas Party


christmas party

When it comes to the Christmas party there is so much to think about, there’s probably things you’ve not even considered yet, like decorating your dinner table – do I use my usual crockery? Am I going to have enough serving dishes? I need to make sure I’ve got a variety of foods!

The table setting at the Christmas party is certainly one of the most important aspects of the whole thing – maybe even the most important. It’s where everyone gathers around together (possibly for the first time in a year!) and we all realise how grateful we are to be surrounded by our loved ones, especially with recent unprecedented times.

As with all things Christmas, the more the merrier. Simply fill your table with every Christmas snack possible: twiglets, candy canes, scotch eggs, cheese & cracker board, cocktail sausages - all of them! Spread everything among charming Santa serving plates, fill our classic white enamel bowls to the brim, and even repurpose festive mugs as snack holders - get creative it's Christmas! 

Every little festive touch on the dining table add to the overall décor, so of course you need the classic tub (or two) of Quality Streets somewhere on there too.


christmas party glassware

Certainly, the next important part of the Christmas party is the drinks. Whether you’re serving champagne, martinis, wine, or soft drinks, decorate for a Christmas party that quenches the thirst of all your guests.

Christmas is certainly the time to dig out your special occasion glassware sets, those glasses you spent a little more on because you knew they would be a showstopper at any event – well this Christmas party is the event.

For that special toast, make sure you’ve got stylish and elegant champagne glasses that will enhance every word that is said, as well as spread the fizz and flavours right across your tongue with every sip. Slice a strawberry from the bottom, around an inch long, and slide them onto the rim of your flutes for a really sophisticated and fun appeal – you can do it with any of your glasses not just champagne! Use the champagne flutes on Christmas morning with a refreshing glass of Bucks Fizz with your breakfast.

Then, when you move onto the wine, ensure you’ve got the right size glasses to pack plenty in – because if Christmas isn’t the time to stock up on wine, then I don’t know what is. Keep the wine stored in a stylish carafe for easy and refreshing refills or use it to offer water and soft drinks to guests (someone needs to be the sober one and keep the food coming and glasses topped up!).

If you’re taking your Christmas party to the next level and serving cocktails, we’ve got all the cocktail glasses you could need for an evening full of flavours and festivities.

Tableware & Accessories

christmas party tableware and accessories

Decorating for the Christmas party is just as special as your usual home Christmas décor - but this time with an extra flair! For your Christmas party, make sure you wow guests from their very first step inside until their last step outside (or that drink that should've been their last!). 

For your Christmas party you want to keep everything bright, bold, and fun, so this means every corner of your home deserves a festive upgrade. Start off simple and welcome guests in with a Merry Christmas door mat and throw in a few Christmas door stops for your interior doors to create the perfect open plan party setting! Then you could get a little creative and feature some Christmas presents under the tree or in baskets – add a little bit of mystery and excitement to the party scene.

If we go back to focusing on the dining table, take your festive spread to the next level with metallic charger plates and napkin rings - their luxurious metallic shine screams glamour, sparkle, and Christmas! Also, if you're choosing to serve cocktails, our shiny cocktail shakers & accessories are the perfect way to add a glamorous touch - as well as make refreshing drinks! 



We hope this has given you a few ideas to pull off the ultimate Christmas party and use your crockery, glassware, and accessories to decorate for one to remember!
Browse the Christmas Party collection today to recreate some of these stunning Christmas Party looks for Christmas 2021. Snap some festive photos and tag us on Instagram @rinkithome or use the #rinkithome, we’d love to see what you got up to!


As always, thanks for reading, and Merry Christmas,
Love, The Rinkit Team.

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