Planning for Summer - Our Budget Garden Ideas

Planning for summer is such a fun positive thing to be doing right now. Think ahead with me to a hotter, happier and mask free time where the garden is in its prime.

Rinkit’s top 5 budget garden ideas to ensure your outdoor space is looking sensational for the summer season.

1. Fire Torches

A really easy and inexpensive way to jazz up the garden, patio, or outside space is to add a different dimension like an element of height. This shows off more space, lights up the night, and offers you a sleek cosy space to enjoy.
Our fire torches could be added to a pathway, along a fence or round an area to highlight and show off what a stunning garden you have. This budget garden idea is more than a one night show, these can be used for any occasion and simply store away or leave out when your’re not using them.
When it’s still a little bit cooler in the evening but you want to stay out and watch the sunset they are a perfect component to a glass of wine and a snack board. Simply light them, leave them and enjoy them.

2. Picnic Blankets

Something to get the whole family involved in and set up for an afternoon in the sun is a quick and easy picnic blanket. When there are little ones about or you just fancy a cute romantic evening in the sun, why not look into a foldable picnic blanket. Our selection has some stunning patterns and each with a handle for easy carrying. Transport it to the garden for the day, to the park, or to the beach to relax in style.

This budget garden idea helps you to add something new, ready to be easily packed away to be safely stored when you aren’t using it.

3. Sun Loungers

Now, not exactly a budget garden idea but a great price regardless! I would say a sun lounger is one of, if not the must have summer garden essential for any outdoor space. That relaxed, comfy drink on the side vibe can bring you joy and remind you of the south of Italy, sitting on a sunbed by the beach.
We have an amazing range of sun loungers to suit whatever it is you are looking for. Whether that be, something that can be folded and popped away, something that has 5 positions to suit your comfort needs or even something that suits your colour taste. We have a range of sun loungers at Rinkit.

My personal favourite is the sleek Resol Marina 4 Position Canvas Sun Lounger in Black and White. It has that holiday summer vibe in a simple and fashionable elegant way. I think it really brings the garden together and gives it that flawless finished look.
Better still - these can be stacked really easy so I think it’s always great to have a couple in the shed stored for the winter and ready for the summer. We also made sure that each of these sun loungers is super easy to clean and dry quickly too, so whenever you’re ready, so are they.

4. Helpful and Handy Foldable Chairs and Stools

Now I know we all can’t wait for those days when the family or the group of friends come over for a BBQ or a drink, WE WILL BE ABLE TO. So, let’s get prepared for it. I think good, foldable chairs and stools are a must-have for any garden. To be able to store them away easily when they aren’t in use and quickly pop them out when someone needs a sit down is always so helpful.

This set of 2 Harbour Housewares Wooden Foldable chairs is a garden summer must-have. The crisp white colour makes your garden look clean and fresh all year round. With a supportive back and footstep space, they are perfect for that last-minute addition to your upcoming garden party.

Alternatively, if storage space isn’t something you want to be sharing with chairs, why not check out our foldable outdoor stools, they are just as helpful and quick to set up - a perfect budget garden idea to get summer ready. Personally, I love the leaf-patterned design but the classic black also gives that chic stylish look perfect for any garden or space on a budget. Whatever design, colour or shape you prefer we have a range to suit your style.

5. Hand Painted Plant Pots

As a staple in any household, I believe there is not much better than a selection of fresh herbs to cook with every night. A wonderful way to get the family involved with planting, feel good on the inside, and help your weekly food shop go further. Now, to add some style and a bit of spice to this (pardon the pun) why not take a look at our collection of stunning Nicola Spring hand-painted pots? Each pot has been decorated by hand with a printed pattern, inspired by traditional Japanese design. Because the printing is done by hand, no two pieces will ever be exactly the same, resulting in something truly unique to you!

So that you can find exactly what you need or fancy - we offer these individually, or in a range of collections perfect for yourself or as a lovely gift. Plant pots are a wonderful budget garden idea that will brighten up any outdoor space.

Get Summer Ready with our Budget Garden Ideas at Rinkit

So there we go, our top 5 budget garden ideas to get your summer garden party ready with Rinkit. We hope you have an amazing summer planned and we can’t wait to celebrate it with you in style.

Thank you so much for reading this budget garden ideas blog, I really hope you enjoyed it. When you’ve set up your outside space as if it were for the queen, please let us know by tagging us @rinkithome or use the hashtag #rinkithome so we can see your stunning summer gardens.

Stay safe.
Love Lottie and the Rinkit Team.

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