Small Homeware Accessories that can Transform a Home

Shopping for homeware accessories can mean different things to different people, for some it may mean soft furnishings and furniture and for others it may mean photo frames, wall plaques, and ‘tat’. Whatever your definition of homeware accessories may be, they are a way to bring a piece of you into your home décor, no matter personal taste differences. They don’t have to be expensive purchases; homeware accessories can transform your home without costing you a fortune and we’ve put this blog together to show you just how to do that.

Homeware Accessories That Change Your Space

Soft Furnishings

soft furnishings as homeware accessories

Homeware accessories perfect for the bedroom and living room are your soft furnishings. These often add a variation of textures into your room, so you get that homey, lived in feeling.

We’re talking about:

These are subtle touches than can make a huge impact, take cushions; they add a pop of colour and soft texture that fills empty space - not to mention they’re comfortable to sit with. If you’ve got a neutral colour theme throughout your room, adding a brightly coloured pillow can make a statement just by introducing a new colour, and if your room holds a variety of patterns, it would be good to add plain cushions in line with the colour theme to avoid clashes.

Door stops and draught excluders are another homeware accessory that is underappreciated – for starters they can create a stylish open plan living space and keep the cold at bay! You can go for charming character door stops, coloured and shaped door stops for that personal touch, or just simple wooden door stops for an understated touch of detail.

What about decorative door knobs? How can a door knob be decorative you say? It’s the simplest way to give cupboard doors and drawers a subtle upgrade that changes their whole appeal. Keep in mind the colour of your room and choose a colour that blends for rooms with multiple colours or choose a statement colour just like the cushions – or even a pattern or shape if the room is quite plain and simple.

Sentimental Detail

photo frames as homeware accessories

Create a real homey feel with your homeware accessories by getting personal with some photo frames. It’s the perfect way to add a bit of you into your home – frame those you love most and those memories you will never forget. No matter your interior style, there will be a photo frame to suit. Metal frames go well in sleek, modern styled rooms while wooden frames look great in chic, boho rooms for a natural touch. It’s just about finding what’s best for each room décor.

Magnetic poster hangers are a fun way to add this kind of personal detail because you can frame everything from your favourite pictures and posters, reminders, and calendars, to your own art work or quote plaques. this helps you to keep organised and your sides decluttered, which in itself transforms your space. This also avoids the hassle of Blu-tack residue – hallelujah!

Horticultural Pursuits

plant pots as homeware accessories

Don’t forget about adding a pop of green to your homeware accessories with some horticultural pursuits – real or fake, we won’t judge! Whatever plant you choose, the pot or vase you keep it in makes the statement. It’s important, like all the other homeware accessories, to choose a style that will suit your interior décor. There’s an extensive variety of plant pots out there, whether you love a vintage appeal, a Scandi boho chic, or an industrial, or nautical aesthetic you will find the plant pot that rights for you.

This is similar to shopping for a vase too – these make great homeware accessories because you can make a statement as big or as subtle as you like. Large-based, bold vases with narrow openings make a great statement vase for thin-stemmed plants, perhaps pampas leaves, whereas, simpler, glass vases make great vessels for brighter and fuller bouquets.

If you are like me, and cannot look after plants any better than yourself, then maybe a terrarium is for you. Totally hassle free, simply hang it where you want in on display and voila – a homeware accessory that’s transformed your space, and nobody will question if it's real!


candles as a homeware accessory

A homeware accessory certain to make you love and appreciate your home is by adding some new fragrances. A new candle or reed diffuser can make any day better – just buying it almost does it for me; it’s like a sense of accomplishment and the feeling that you’ve got your life together if you start regularly buying candles and diffusers. But maybe that’s just me!

Interior design experts will tell you that the smell of a room can hugely impact the entire ambience, so why wouldn’t you pack in as many candles possible? There are so many styles to choose from, for starters you can buy candles that are huge or candles that are cute and small – buy these in proportion to where you want them on display. A few small candles look great lined up together, say in front of the TV, while a big, chunky candle can really make a statement in the middle of the dining room table or on top of your bedroom dresser.

Candles and diffusers are homeware accessories that are suited to every room – perfect for a relaxing bath, covering the smells of the dinner you’ve just cooked, creating a relaxing environment in the living room, helping you de-stress in the office, and even ideal for some intimate al fresco dining.



The great thing with homeware accessories, is the fact they’re often small and not too pricey so you can swap them around as much as you want. Instead of redecorating a room when you think it's starting to tire, add a few new homeware accessories or even move them around in the room to create an alternative look without the hassle and price tags.

Remember that homeware accessories come and go, if you’re not in love with it then don’t buy it, something else will catch your eye soon!

I hope this blog has given you a few ideas and some inspiration to add a bit more of YOU into your home with some homeware accessories. If it has, please snap some Insta-pictures, and tag us on Instagram @rinkithome, or use the #rinkithome, we’d love to see what you have done!


As always, thanks for reading,
Love, Poppy and the Rinkit team.

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