The Must-Have Kitchen Trends of 2021

I would have to say the kitchen is the heart of the house. Cooking a stunning meal in a clean and tidy kitchen for your other half, friends or family is a simple pleasure in life and one we sometimes take for granted. A kitchen has become the place to go during lockdown, therefore why not utilise this space and take advantage of the latest kitchen trends of 2021.  

With the above in mind, this blog  takes you through some of the must-have kitchen trends of 2021. Things that bring your kitchen to life, make your worktop surfaces complete and offer your style and functionality for years of use.


The Top 5 must have kitchen trends 2021

The Statement Space Saver

A product that not only is functional in terms of everyday use but super stylish and an extremely popular kitchen trend of 2021 is a show stopper space saver. An item that firmly belongs in the kitchen doing its job of making your life easier whilst of course being the main topic of conversation.

A very common kitchen trend of 2021 brings to life the combination of your work surfaces with something that interrupts with a new texture which seemingly connects the two. The Parlane Everton Marble Chopping Board for example has white and black stripes which creates a bold pattern against a possible smooth texture, this works well to break up the spaces in the kitchen.

Marble is not moving

Speaking of, a consistent trend that hasn't moved since late 2019 has been the rave of Marble. This texture brings together a modern industrial style and carries a sense of elegance and sophistication to any home. Now we all know marble isn't cheap. It's not something we can buy over the counter with our pocket money, however adding accents of marble can create a high end looking feel without the price tag which is another must-have kitchen trend of 2021.

Some of my personal favourites include the Argon Tableware Heart Marble Chopping Board as this could also be used as a platter as well as a space saver in the kitchen. Another favourite includes the Argon Tableware Rectangular Marble Chopping Board this also can be used for multipurpose reasons such as a platter or centrepiece.

Other marble accents you can add into the kitchen include Wine Coolers, Pestle & Mortar or even a Wine Coaster.

By adding in a few touches of this popular stone you can create a space that is on-trend, stylish and practical without breaking the bank.


A Pop of Colour

Adding colours to your kitchen doesn’t have to be scary as you may think. A huge kitchen trend of 2021 is adding a pop of colour to personalise your space and create an environment that suits you.

This is the part where you throughout the rule book and experiment to find exactly what it is you prefer in your space. If for example you have a rather bare white kitchen and you want to add a subtle hint of pink, why not start with small pieces such as the Argon Tableware Pink Coloured Coffee Mugs and the Parlane Charisse Ceramic Planter for an additional green plant to sit in. This will bring the space together without being overwhelming on the eyes or overpowering for the room.

Alternatively, adding colour could be bold and bright, for example, yellow, a very bold and unmistakable colour that brightens up any room without a doubt. Adding the Argon Tableware 12 Piece Yellow Coloured Cappuccino Cup and Saucer Set adds a confident statement and a beautiful setting to have a relaxing cuppa.

Pair these mugs with the Nicola Spring Patterned Door Stop and Draught Excluder Set in yellow and you are on your way to a stunning set up that completes the kitchen.


Gold for the Win

Gold features are a fast-rising kitchen trend of 2021 that can be achieved easily with the right styling. Now, when it comes to gold and making sure you are not overwhelming the space, it is important to start small and make sure your kitchen is complementing nicely with these gold features.

Our Argon Tableware Metallic Square Serving Tray offers a lot more than serving drinks or food. You could create a little Tea and Coffee station with it in your kitchen, offering storage and organised space to suit you. Alternatively, use it as a centrepiece for some flowers or candles to brighten up the kitchen.

To add a bit of spice and charm, then the Parlane Estella Moroccan Candle Lantern is for you. It’s a show stopper that beams in the lights beautifully around the room and creates a magical atmosphere.  



Space Storage Solutions

Storage storage storage, a kitchen trend of 2021 has to, of course, be storage-saving solutions. We all need it for our cupboards, pantries and worktop spaces, no matter the size or shape of the kitchen. Finding helpful and useful storage products can change the look of your space, the feel and the way you use your kitchen in the most helpful and organised way.

When it comes to storage solutions Rinkit is never short on options.

Depending on your style and what you prefer to use when in the kitchen will determine what would be perfect for you.

How about keeping those cupboards looking fresh and clean in Scandinavian Style, I would suggest our range of Argon Tableware Wooden Clip Lid Storage Jars which come in a range of sizes. Or Perhaps our range of ArgonTableware Glass Storage Jars with Cork Lids, which also come in a variety of sizes.

If you fancy something a little more on the Modern or Vintage style, we have a large range of Harbour Housewares Storage Canisters which help to keep your kitchen worktops clean and organised.


There’s my 5 Top Kitchen Trends for 2021

If you find yourself styling your kitchen with any of these trends and use any of the tips in this blog please tag us @rinkithome or use the hashtag #rinkithome so we can check them out!  

Thank you so much for reading this kitchen trends 2021 blog, I hope you enjoyed it and it’s given you some inspiration for your own home!

As always, stay safe. 

Love Lottie and the Rinkit Team. 

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