How to Assemble Our Folding Wooden Deck Chair

Recently bought yourself one of our Harbour Housewares Folding Wooden Deck Chairs?

Excited to put it to use?

Watch along as our intrepid Rinkiteers Paul and Chess guide you through the easy assembly of our Harbour Housewares Folding Wooden Deck Chairs. The perfect way to add some traditional seaside glamour to any beach or back garden!

Step One

In the box you should have your deck chair frame, fabric and fabric inserts.

Check you have all the equipment for your folding wooden deck chair before you begin!

Step Two

Firstly you'll need to lie your deck chair frame down flat. If you take a look at the frame you’ll see 6 hooks, 3 on each side. Make sure these hooks are facing upwards when you lie your chair flat.

Step Three

Next, grab the middle bar and lift the top of the back section up and forwards. Click the frame into place in one of the three reclining positions.

Step Four

Next get your fabric and slide the wooden inserts into the sleeves at both ends.

Step Five

 Insert the top part of your fabric into the slot at the top of the chair, wrap the fabric around the chair and pull tight. Wrap the bottom end of the fabric around the bottom front bar and insert the end into the designated slot.

Step Six

And finally, sit back and enjoy.

How to assemble our folding wooden deck chair: completed it!

Super simple stuff to assemble your folding wooden deck chair right?

Now you can sit back, relax, and soak up some rays in your new stylish deck chair - but know once your friends and family see how good you look and how easy it is to assemble, they'll all be wanting one!