How To Fill a Large Blank Wall - Ideas & Tips

How to fill a large blank wall - ideas & tips

Moving into a new home is an extremely exciting time but it can be difficult to figure out how to make the space your own, especially when the space contains large blank walls. Whilst some people may like this minimalistic modern look, it can often lose cosiness and a personal touch. So if you’re like us, you’ll want to fill a big blank space with artistic charm! Here are our top tips on how to fill a large blank wall.


Get ready to fill your large blank wall!

There are endless possibilities when it comes to filling your daunting blank wall, so we’ve listed some of our top ideas and tips below to give you some inspiration to get started.


1. Arrange a gallery wall

Cluster your smaller favourite pieces together to prevent them looking out of place in a large room. This draws the eye to the space with lots of detail and creates an illusion of a large piece of artwork. And the best part, it is full of all your favourite things!

2. A big focus

It can seem like an obvious choice at first, but adding a single piece of artwork, whether it is a frame, canvas, metal accent or other medium, allows the item itself to shine and brings the attention straight to the artwork itself. It is best to hang this single piece above a sofa, at the midpoint of the wall or between two stand-out pieces. Ensure it is at eye-level, don’t worry too much about height symmetry.


3. Add shelving

This will provide you with additional storage and keep your essential items within arms-reach. Use standing shelving to take up more space and make the most of your vertical space. Alternatively, small floating shelves, wooden or glass shelves, can be interspersed with artwork to fill the space.

4. Hang a mirror

One of the easiest ways to fill a large blank wall, hanging a mirror will reflect light around your space and outshine the wall it hangs on. You could choose three smaller mirrors and create a focal point by hanging them together. Choose a white or black frame to match with a modern aesthetic. A rattan or wooden finish will suit a boho vibe.

5. Showcase a collection

Have you got a limited-edition book collection that deserves to be displayed, or maybe photographs of your nearest and dearest that you treasure. These are great options that you can use to fill your large blank wall. It brings a personal touch to your space and will make it feel more homely too.


6. Paint a feature wall

Grab your paintbrush, a contrast colour, and masking tape to create clean lines round the edge of your new style statement. After a few months, if you fancy a change of colour, it couldn’t be more straight-forward.


7. Choose a statement wallpaper

If a block colour is not your style, another great option is to choose a bold wallpaper. Go for abstract, geometric or something more artistic depending on your space and feel of the room.

image credit: @wallhubsg

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