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A fire pit is like a campfire, contained in a bowl. A fire pit can be used multifunctionally as a BBQ or as a traditional fire for warmth and cosiness.

You can cook on a fire pit. Anything that you can cook on a grill can also be cooked on a fire pit. So whether you are having friends round for the evening or off on a camping trip - a fire pit is a great option to double up as a heater and a cooker. Check out our Blog for 5 Things to Cook Over a Fire Pit.

A smokeless fire pit lets you enjoy the warmth and vibes of a traditional fire without the hassle of smoke and smokey clothes! Primary combustion occurs in a fire pit to achieve the flames, but secondary combustion then occurs in a smokeless fire pit, where the hot air becomes less dense and rises between the walls of your fire pit escaping through holes within the wall cavity.