How does it work?

You can earn extra revenue by promoting Rinkit on your website and it won't cost you a penny! If you have our own website that attracts visitors who would be interested in homeware, glassware, outdoor furnishings or anything else that Rinkit sells, then the Rinkit Affiliate program is for you. By placing a Rinkit banner or text link on your site, people who visit your website will be directed to Rinkit. In the event a visitor from your site makes a purchase with us, you will earn up to 5% of the sale value.

- 3% standard commission available (1.5% with a code).
- Bespoke rates available for additional exposure, please contact to find out more.
- The Rinkit! conversion rate is over 4%. So, be assured, if you send us traffic, we'll send you cash!
- 100% online retailer.
- Huge range of products and brands.
- Promotions and popular deals running multiple times a year.
- 30 day cookie length.
- Affiliates are manually approved.

We have a fully optimised product feed detailing over 3,000 of our best selling products. The XML is updated on a daily basis so that availability and prices are always correct and you should be able to take it straight from our affiliate network.

You can view sales performance and commission earnings at any time by accessing reports online. With this great visibility of your sites performance, you can regularly optimise the links that work best and maximise your revenue. All the rest - orders, deliveries, and payment - is ensured by us.

Commission fees are paid on a monthly basis via the AWIN platform.

Yes, you can earn commissions on any purchases you make from visiting the Rinkit site through your own Rinkit Affiliate Program link.

If a customer returns a product for a refund, or if a credit card charges are reversed due to a dispute or credit card fraud, your account will be debited for any commission earned on that transaction. If a product is returned in exchange for new merchandise , or if goods are lost or damaged and we ship replacement goods to the customer, your commissions will not be affected.