5 Cool Corner Wall Shelf Ideas

Are you looking for some fantastic corner wall shelf ideas for your home? We’ve come up with some inspired suggestions for how to make those forgotten corners of your room come alive once more. If you have added some shelving but are feeling stumped about what to put there, we’re here to help. Below are 5 great corner wall shelf ideas that will draw attention, add colour and decoration, and are sure to become a fantastic talking point when you invite family and friends over. 

5 corner wall shelf ideas to brighten up your room

Here are our top 5 tips to add a little va va voom to your room with corner wall shelf ideas that will work in any home. 

1. It’s all about the plants

Nothing adds class and colour as much as a carefully chosen plant. Use your corner wall shelving to show off your green credentials and bring some calming nature into the room. Display a lush houseplant in a colourful, stylish plant pot, draw attention to the corner with a lovely bunch of blooms in an elegant vase, or add interest with something more unusual such as a terrarium.

2. Light up the room

A modish lamp could light up a dark corner and help create a sense of space in the room. Alternatively, choose a cosy lantern or flickering candle for your corner wall shelf to create a warm ambiance - bonus points for a scented option to delight all the senses and fill your home with a delicious fragrance. 

3. Get classy decanters

If you love the finer things in life, including the odd tipple, why not display your drinks with pride with our next corner wall shelf idea? Use your corner shelving to keep your drinks handy but out of reach of any little ones. Stunning decanters such as our 1L Prism Whisky Decanter add a touch of suave sophistication to the room and it’s really practical too. 

4. Capture memories with decorative photo frames

Corner wall shelving can be the ideal area to place photos of family and friends. We all have our favourite photos which take us back to special times in our lives. So get framing those beloved pictures and proudly display them on your corner wall shelf to bring back those wonderful memories every time you look at them. 

5. Show off your favourite books

Display your favourite books on your corner wall shelf to make sure they are always accessible and show everyone what you’re interested in. Some fun bookends such as our adorable Mouse ones can add a sense of fun and will look fantastic too.

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