A 3-course guide to dinner party serveware dishes for your requirements

When it comes to hosting a dinner party, your serveware dishes and presentation can make all the difference to give your table that wow-factor.

It doesn’t have to be over complicated and with the right tableware and layout you will certainly impress your guests. I’m here to give you your full 3-course guide to dinner party serveware dishes courtesy of Rinkit.

Gettingit! ready

Before we jump into serveware dishes, let’s talk about presentation. Before your guests arrive for your dinner party, have your table all setup and ready for their arrival. We recommend a tablecloth or table runner and some charger plates or place mats. Napkins and napkin holders are great to have at the ready for your guests to use.

When you’re hosting a dinner party, we think a water jug is essential. I don’t know about you but I can’t eat a meal without having some water so it’s ideal to have a water jug (or 2) on the table.

If you have any wine lovers, we suggest having a few bottles ready in the middle of the table. For prosecco, rose and white wine you could store them in a wine cooler or an ice bucket to keep them ice cold ready to enjoy.

For your christmas dinner party, why not make your own christmas centerpiece? Dry some oranges, get some cinnamon/ pine cones and some candles and place them all in a serving tray in the middle of the table. The best thing about using natural decorations like this is that once you are finished you can place them outside to decompose, and they are readily available for you outside your door!

So now let's breakit! down for your perfect guide to dinner party serveware dishes

Suave Side serveware Dishes

Our argon tableware glass serving bowls are ideal for serving the perfect side salad or dish. The versatility offers unlimited uses and the sleek design gives them the ability to merge effortlessly into your style of decor. They come in a small, medium and large size for your convenience.

Side plates

Next on serveware dishes is side plates. White crockery side plates are a perfect staple for dinner parties. The plain white design offers effortless sophistication to your table. These ceramic dishes have been fully vitrified against the absorption of strong colours and flavours,making them the perfect addition to your serveware dishes.

Soup bowls

White crockery soup bowls are great for serving your... you guessed it, soup! The minimalist white compliments any table set up. Present your soup with some fresh coconut cream, sunflower seeds or chilli flakes for an instagram worthy starter.

Alternatively, from French glassware specialist Duralex, you could use a glass soup bowl. This brings subtle elegance to your table and the deep plates gives you complete confidence for no spills. They are suitable for microwave, freezer and dishwasher making them practical and easy to clean.


Serving slates

One of our favourite serveware dishes is the argon tableware slates. You can use these for anything from hummus and bread, to cheese boards or even to put the meal on directly. These are also great for placing hot plates serving plates on, so your guests can help themselves without having the hot plate directly on the table.

Serving Trays

Not only are these practical serveware dishes, helping you carry multi plates into your guests at once, but they also add to the aesthetic of the table decor. As mentioned above, you can use a tray with your favourite decorations to create a show stopping centrepiece.

White Crockery

Of course, in this serveware dishes guide I have to mention the white crockery dinner plates. The white minimalist design offers class and sophistication. As with all our china crockery, each plate is fully microwave and dishwasher safe.You can have them matching the side/starter plates to give your party a professional restaurant feel.

Nicola Springs

If you prefer a more bold statement piece than Nicola Springs dinner plates are the way to go. They bring a vibrant vintage style to your dining table. Each piece is hand painted, inspired by classic japanese prints - so each one is truly unique.

The Nicola Springs olive oil and vinegar bottles are a fantastic addition to match the serveware dishes.

For something more simple and minimalist, why not try the Argon Tableware glass olive oil bottle, bringing a professional finishing touch to your dinner party.

Dishingit! up in fine dining style; Desserts

Bormioli dessert plates

For the pièce de résistance, a white Bormioli dessert plate. The white colour will compliment any of your previous serveware dishes and the unique shape of the plate gives it a high quality feel.

This collection has been crafted using ‘Opal Glass’ technology, so it's resistant to temperature changes and staining from liquid and sauces, keeping it perfectly white.


Rinkits Argon Tableware round slates are a unique way of serving a dessert in a modern/ chic style. They are heat resistant so you can serve your food fresh from the oven.

Joules Trifle Dish

Add a country twist to your party with a stunning Joules trifle dish. It can be used for trifles, fruit salads or anything else you can think of! The charming bee inspired decoration will be sure to spark conversation at the dinner table with a ‘cute; cottage feel.

Duralex Desert Bowls

Saving the best serveware dishes until last? These duralex glass dessert bowls are perfect for serving crème brûlée, soufflé, small amuses bouche and other dishes in traditional culinary style. If you're looking to upgrade your culinary game with the very best combination of strength, usability and durability then this is the desert serveware for you.


I hope this blog has helped provide you with the perfect 3 course serveware dishes guide, ready for your next dinner party.

If you use any of the above for your own dining table, please tag us @rinkithome or #rinkit, we would love to see!

Thank you for reading.

Until next time…

Georgie Hannan and the Rinkit Team

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