Novelty Draught Excluders To Keep The Cold Out This Winter

Keeping the heat in and the draughts out is essential during the cold months, and there’s no better way to do that than with a novelty draught excluder.

Every house can likely benefit from a novelty draught excluder, especially older houses that may not have the high insulating windows/door frames of modern new builds. It is important to say that even with a very well insulated and modern house, you can sometimes still feel that cold draft coming from the air flow underneath a door. Drought proofing really will make a difference to your home - and maybe even your energy bill!

Fun fact: If you turn your heating down by 1 degree, you can save up to £90 a year on your heating bill! If a draught excluder helps keep a room warm with no draughts, you probably wouldn’t even notice that degree difference, it’s a win-win!

So what is a draught excluder?

A draught excluder is a strip of material which is placed under a door or window frame to keep cold air from coming through, and to stop any warm air getting out. They come in loads of different colours, materials and even novelty shapes.

Keepit! warm; why choose a novelty draught excluder?

There’s nothing worse than feeling a cold draught coming from under the door, especially when you have the heating on. You want to preserve the heat so you aren't wasting any warm air or money. The best and simplest way to do this is by getting a novelty draught excluder.

Anything that stops cold air blowing under door doors or windows is effectively a draught excluder. Remember, these are not intended to be an insulator. Insulation prevents heat from passing through it whereas draught excluders prevent cold or warm air from passing around it.


When using novelty draft excluders, the one thing to be careful of is not to block any air vents, which are specifically designed to provide air to the room. Vents are important if you have gas appliances or open flue boilers.

Decorateit! - decorative draught excluders:

Here at Rinkit, we do an excellent Nicola Spring range to keep out that unwanted cold breeze; they are a homeware necessity that you will want to get your hands on this Autumn/winter!

Each one acts as a doorstop as well as a draft excluder, making your house more like a home. With a wide range of colours and styles, each novelty draught excluder is unique so you can find the perfect one for your style and decor. The added handle makes it even easier to maneuver around your home, so you can keep any room warm and toasty!

Each piece has been filled with 3kg of sand providing amazing strength for homes and even office spaces.

So, let’s summariseit! - novelty draught excluders

  • Eliminate cold draught and slow heat loss
  • Potentially save you money on your heating bill (the dream, right?!)
  • Not only practical but also decorative and fun
  • Rinkits range all act as door stops as well as draught excluders
  • Come in a variety of colours and styles
  • An Autumn/Winter necessity
  • Add a personalised finish to any room

I hope this blog has taught you about novelty draught excluders and how they are a simple solution for those lousy draughts. So snuggle up with your favorite tv show on and be rest assured that all of the precious heat will be staying in the room.
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As ever, thank you for reading.

Until next time, Georgina and the Rinkit! Team

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