Christmas Table Setting Ideas To Impress Your Guests

Whether you’re making up for last year and having a big Christmas with lots of guests or a small intimate one, a gorgeously set Christmas table can set the tone for the entire day. Christmas dinner parties all through December? Yes please!

Here are some of our favourite Christmas table setting ideas for 2021 to WOW your guests and bring some much needed festive cheer - 


It can be tricky to know where to start when it comes to Christmas table setting ideas. Why not start by choosing a Christmas theme, and then go from there. Modern and minimalist white, red and green traditional or party set up? Keep reading to find the perfect Christmas table setting idea for you! 

White Christmas:  

A classy, minimalist but extremely effective theme is ‘White Christmas’. If you aren’t a fan of the bold red and green colours that Christmas brings then this is perfect for you. 

If you want your Christmas table setting to have a real impact, always start with a centrepiece. Begin with a plain coloured table runner as a base then layer this bit by bit. For White Christmas, white tinsel can work perfectly or you can choose white eucalyptus or pine. You can add a pop of colour within this theme by adding pine cones, tea lights or wooden textures. Fairy lights and candles are always perfect for creating a warm and welcoming ambiance. 

Next, you want to set the table. White crockery goes with every theme and is a staple for all dinner parties. You can add gold charger plates or Typha place mats would go perfectly with this theme. Layering plates is a great styling technique which we are loving this year. Once the plates are out, add your glassware. We recommend a wine glass, a water tumbler and champagne glass for each place setting; this gives your guests the options of each drink. For this theme, RCR crystal glasses are ideal for adding some magical sparkle to your Christmas table. 

Classic Red and Green traditional - 

Another Christmas table setting idea is to use a more farmhouse/ traditional theme. The first colour that comes to mind when you think of Christmas is of course Santa red. This theme uses lots of these traditional colours and allows you to be as experimental as you like to all the space on your table.

As before, start by creating your centrepiece. Using a red table runner and green garlands alongside candle sticks is a great way to keep it traditional themed. Incorporate flowers and red berries to give it the ultimate Christmas look. Layer the centrepiece with red and gold candles like our new Nicola Spring range, dried oranges and pine cones like we have done below. 

To set the table, use red or gold charger plates/ place mats layered with white or farmhouse crockery. Cloth napkins add a different dimension to your table setting - and don’t worry you don’t have to know how to fold them into swans in order for them to look good! All you need to do is put them through a charger ring and place them on top of your plate for a simple yet effective finish. 

You can be a bit more fun with your glassware by choosing colourful blue highballs from Bormioli, recycled glassware from Nicola Spring or keep it simple with a set of classic Rink Drink tumblers, flutes and wine glasses. 

Christmas party: 

Nothing says Christmas like a Christmas party. This one is slightly different from the above themes. You still want to create a show-stopping Christmas table setting however this time, rather than setting it for dinner you are setting it for a party. When I think of a Christmas party I immediately think of lots of food and lots of drinks. Christmas crockery is perfect for displaying nibbles and treats for your guests. 

Choose a tablecloth or table runner to start with then add your decorations. A simple DIY centrepiece idea is going outside and finding a long branch, and then decorating it with fairy lights, dried oranges and cinnamon sticks. This brings a touch of nature indoors, and would be a fun thing to do to get children involved with decorating the table. Fairy lights and candles are always perfect for parties as they create a stunning ambiance and warmth, so make sure to add lots of these. 

Champagne flutes, cocktail glasses and serving trays are also a must. You need to keep your guests well full right?! Fill the table as much as possible for this theme like we did below. 

Conclude it - 

When it comes to Christmas table setting ideas, the possibilities are endless. Finding the right style depends on many factors, price, style, colours but most importantly decorate it in a way that brings you joy. We all say Christmas is the happiest time of year, realistically we know that’s not always the case. Christmas can bring about many stresses but I hope with the help of this blog, your table settings and decorations will not be one of them! 

How will you set your Christmas table this year? Please tag us on Instagram at #RINKIT or @RINKIT to show us your beautiful Christmas table settings- I would love to see how you incorporate these ideas! 

As always, thank you for reading. 

Love Georgie and the Rinkit Team 

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