Extend your time outside with an outdoor garden fire pit

To me, there is nothing more calming and relaxing than being wrapped up all cosy, while sitting in the garden with a warming outdoor garden fire pit, toasting marshmallows and sipping on a hot chocolate. It’s one of those small moments in life where you just feel at peace, and at Rinkit we are all for those moments and honestly, extending your time outside makes the winter months seem shorter...

What’s So Good About Outdoor Garden Fit Pits

As the colder months are now upon us and the winter sun is not as warming as it looks, it’s the perfect time to get your space set up for an outdoor garden fire pit. It’s all about enjoying the sunset, breathing in that crisp fresh air and getting toasty until twelve.

The outside winter weather is so good for us - it can help us sleep better, relieve stress and improve concentration levels. Giving you a brighter and restored feeling for the next day. Being outside with family or friends can be so much fun, and the perfect occasion to spend time with them would be a little bonfire, bbq or an outdoor garden fire pit night (if the kids are out, don’t forget the wine).

Extending your time outside in the evenings or the weekends and spending those moments with family or with friends is so special. At Rinkit! we love cherishing those moments and making sure they are the best they can be.

Our Garden Fire Pit Range - Materials and Colours

We have a large range of outdoor garden fire pits that suit different places and spaces so you can be assured we will have the perfect one for you. Starting with the materials, most of our stunning fire pits are made from cast iron. This is the most popular construction material as it is naturally strong with incredible heat radiance and resistance. We also have outdoor garden fire pits which are made from sturdy steel, offering a lighter touch and designed to stand the test of time.

When it comes to outdoor garden fire pits, they really should be the centre of your attention in the garden. They are the object in which you sit around and talk and roast marshmallows or smores. So it’s best to get one that looks the part for your garden, something that stands out from the crowd - the show stopper. We have a range of classic black fire pits but we also have some stunning modern industrial grey toned fire pits that really finish off the garden, giving you a complete final fresh looking space for the whole family to enjoy.

Our Garden Fire Pit Range - Shapes and Sizes

Finding the right shape and design for you is the fun part. Whether you are living on your own, sharing with a partner or friend or living under the roof of what feels like 40 family members, we have a range of sizes that will fit perfectly and ensure everyone feels the warmth.

An open shaped outdoor garden fire pit will naturally release more heat and flames. We have a range of fire pits that come with a dome and/or grill, giving you control over your fire and providing protection when needed.

Your outdoor space will determine what size fire pit, the look and design, and of course the feel of what you are trying to create. We have many different shapes and sizes of outdoor garden fire pits that are sure to suit an array of areas and locations.

Our Garden Fire Pit Range - Design Landscaping

There are hundreds of things to make your outdoor area feel your own. The aim of creating a space like this is for it to feel inviting and welcoming to you and whoever steps into it. The warmth of a fire will be the show stopper for sure, but don’t forget to add the little touches too; fairy lights are an easy way to lighten up an area even more and extend the night. A comfortable chair or outdoor furniture set to get all snuggled into, and of course a warm cosy blanket to complete the evening.

When you are getting yourself ready for an evening of fun in the garden, I would also suggest some gorgeous fire torches. They are perfect for lighting the way to your outdoor garden fire pit, and more importantly, lighting the way back to the house when you’ve had one too many wines. They are incredibly simple to light and will last all evening and into the night, making it super easy to set up and extend your time outside.

This winter doesn’t have to be cold and gloomy, instead, make the most of the outdoors and create your own fire pit haven, ready for the whole family or all the friends to enjoy together. We can all agree that as the evenings get darker, it’s only right to take advantage of them and get yourself set up with a first-class fire pit that won’t disappoint.

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I hope you loved this blog and get your space looking extra special with an outdoor garden fire pit. If you have been inspired by this blog to extend your outside time with a fire pit, take a snap for Insta, tag us at @rinkithome or use the hashtag #rinkithome so we can all get jealous of your gardens and toast to your heavenly winter evenings to come.

As always, thank you for reading.

Love Lottie and the Rinkit Team.

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