How to decorate with glass jars

Glass jars are an incredibly universal product, from being used to serve foods and store foods, to being the perfect DIY project to give your home a personal touch. If you’ve had the idea to decorate with glass jars, but you’re not entirely sure where to start and how to do it – we’ve got you covered. Our How to Decorate with Glass Jars blog lays out some unique ideas for you to decorate with glass jars to add different styles and feels to your home.

Unique Ideas to Decorate with Glass Jars

Add Light to your Home

A simple, but effective candle holder

A super simple but effective way to decorate with glass jars and add a touch of light – and fragrance – to your home, is to make your glass jar into a candle holder.

Mason Jar Candle

Once your glass jar is finished with, ensure to wash it out thoroughly so you have no remaining marks, stains, or smells, and leave it to dry completely. Of course, remove any labels and stickers you no longer want on there either.

Top tip: alcohol, nail varnish remover, and vinegar all make great solutions to remove sticky label residue.

When we said that this is a simple way to decorate with glass jars, we meant it. Now all you need to do is choose your favourite candle. Opt for a little tea light if your glass jar is only small or if you’re jar is bigger and pillar candle can make a stylish statement. A smaller candle in a bigger jar can also make a statement with the mesmerising flicker of a flame catching the glass (especially if it’s textured glass!) – but just remember, the more the candle melts, the smaller it gets, and the harder it will be to light.

Depending on how creative you feel, this idea can be taken further by making your own wax candle! You can fill the jar with the wax and use it as the mould, or mould it elsewhere and place it in like a tea light afterwards. If this sounds like you, check out these instructions to make your candle from scratch.

Add a Touch of Nature to your Home

Simple, but effective vase

Yet another super simple idea to decorate with glass jars is to turn your glass jars into vases.  This can also be tailored to however creative you’re feeling (or are any good at!), and however much of a statement you want to make.

Glass jar vase

Again, this is ever so simple, and all you need to do is remove the labels, wash it out, and leave to dry thoroughly.

It really doesn’t get any easier than this – half fill your jar with water and add flower food if you have some. Depending on the size jar you are using you could have a bouquet of flowers, perhaps a colourful bunch that will sit on the dining table, with various different flowers that are a sure statement piece. Or, if it’s a small jar, you can create an elegant and simplistic display with just one, or only a couple of flowers – this makes a really great decoration piece on a coffee table, or even your bedroom dresser. Personally, I like a coloured ribbon tied around the jar for a charming but easy touch!

A glass storage jar bottle makes the perfect vase for a small decorative piece.

DIY Terrarium

Now, to take it up a notch, why not decorate with glass jars and make your own terrarium?

glass jar terrarium

A terrarium is an indoor miniature garden housed in, usually, a glass container – the perfect solution to decorate with glass jars to add some refreshing colour into a room. We all know being outdoors lifts our mood, so this is an easy way to bring a small bit of the outdoors in.

You can make it however big or however small you wish. Is it going to sit on the shelf in the utility? Hang in the kitchen? Or brighten up your office? You can choose which plants you want to include, what colour, shape, and sized stones you like… you can really make it your own. It’s a much easier and cheaper way to create your dream garden!

I will leave it with the experts to guide you through the steps of making your own terrarium, so check out these instructions.

Alternative Storage Solutions

In the bathroom

Glass jars aren’t only useful for storing fruits and veggies, and herbs and spices in the kitchen you know, you can use them all over your home, and especially in the bathroom. If you’re looking for vintage décor for your home, or a minimalist Scandi touch, decorate with glass jars in the bathroom, all while creating storage.

bathroom glass jar storage

Cotton buds and cotton pads really are no issue to store for they take up next to no space and can never ruin the colour scheme of a bathroom, but the packaging is often so bland and not so easy to store, for example, a bag of cotton buds can’t stand, they could hang if you have somewhere, or they end up having to just lay in the way. So, tackle two issues at once, and decorate with glass jars, adding a Scandi or vintage touch to your bathroom while creating easy storage for your bathroom essentials.

Don’t stop at cotton buds and pads, it’s the perfect solution for hair bands and hair ties, make up brushes, and even holding your toothbrushes and toothpastes. If you share a bathroom, you can paint letters onto the jars to distinguish whose toothbrush is whose!

In the office

How about decorating with glass jars in the office, while providing storage solutions? There are plenty of ways to do this that are both stylish and practical.

decorate with glass jars in the office

Whether it’s your office, your study, or the desk in the spare room, there’s always tools and essentials you need to be able to work – pens, pencils, spare staples, paper clips, the list could go on. Instead of keeping them in their boxes and original packages decorate with glass jars and make them more easily accessible. Making your office space an area you’re happy with is extremely important; they could showcase a charming design, a vintage air, or a Scandi minimalist chic,  because remember, you do need to actually get that work done!


Any plan to decorate with glass jars can be however simple or creative you make it, for example, try and paint your jars, whether this is by spraying a solid colour, or using a brush to create decorative patterns. Wherever your glass jars end up and whatever they’re containing, decorate with glass jars for an eco-friendly, inexpensive way to add personalised touches to your home.

If you do use any of our ideas or even just get a bit of inspiration, please snap a photo and tag us on Instagram @rinkithome, or use the hashtag #rinkithome, we would love to see how you chose to decorate with glass jars!


As always, thanks for reading,
Love, Poppy, and the Rinkit Team.

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