5 Ways to Update your Home this Year

2021 you were one of kind – there were many uncertainties and confusions in such unprecedented times, but there certainly were some good times, but we’ve now started 2022 and it’s time to get stuck in! If you’re looking to refresh your home décor in 2022, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve highlighted our favourite 5 ways to update your home this year – and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

Update your home with these simple, budget-friendly ideas!

1. Declutter your sides

update your home by decluttering

A trend that is continuously on the rise is the use of storage jars and kitchen canisters, so if you’re looking to update your home in 2022, here is certainly the place to start! Even if you’re not a fan of completely empty sides and interiors that look like show homes, using glass storage jars and canisters can still create a ‘lived in’ look.

Out with the bland packaging and boxing, in with some sleek cylindrical glass storage jars, stylish patterned canisters or even vintage metal containers for all your kitchen side essentials. This means tea bags, coffee, sugar, biscuits, bread, even compost! Perhaps storing your pasta on the side is a décor to your taste; mug trees and kitchen roll holders add an extra decorative, yet practical touch to declutter your sides and update your home too.

No matter the interior style you’re going for you’ll be able to choose storage that suits, whether it’s a farmhouse style, industrial, a vibrant vintage, a sleek modern, or boho chic look. With the options of airtight storage to keep contents in optimum condition, containers that are dishwasher safe, and even child-friendly, this is the easiest, most versatile way to update your home the way you want – plus it really is super stylish! You don’t have to keep it in the kitchen though, declutter your utility sides, and even your bathroom space.

2. Create some open space

update your home with open plan living

Open plan living is another style that has become increasingly popular over recent years, for it creates an open and airy space, bigger and brighter looking room, and it’s just perfect for family and social events! You can update your home this year to be more open plan, and it’s easier than you think; it can be as simple as moving furniture around, reducing any bulky furniture, keeping a doorway open, and choosing new colours that blend in together.

The easiest first step is to update your home with some stylish door stops, keep those interior doors held open with a touch of country cottage charm, an additional splash of colour, or a cute little character for those animal loving homes.

The next step is to assess your furniture, can you simply move them around; either up against the wall or slide it in the corner? If not, compact furniture sets are stylish, practical, and a great use of space where seats slide fully under the table top and the large open space under the table leaves surrounding areas feeling larger. Choosing colours for your furniture that blends into either your walls or other furniture is a great hack too, it makes your room look seamless, and ultimately, bigger.

To save on floor space more, make the most of your wall space. Update your home this year with new shelving! This is both a practical and a decorative solution, so you get the best of both worlds whether you choose to display your favourite photos, trinkets, and treasures, or use them to stack your books, utensils, and mugs.

Yet another hack to update your home and create an open plan living space is with mirrors! Mirrors are the ultimate way to amplify natural light into any room (if placed in the right spot) and create the illusion of space. Choose round or rectangle mirrors, large statement-makers, or cute chic touches. Place one above the fire place or at the end of the hallway, opposite the dining table, and of course in every bedroom to make the most of your space and update your home for a social and stylish 2022.

3. Update doors and floors

update your home with doorways

Not to point out the obvious or anything, but doors and floors are the first thing you or a guest sees when entering your home or a particular room, so ensure to update your home by transforming these! Your doors and floors give the first impression of your home and even the most subtle touches can give you a whole new feel. There’s an array of inexpensive subtle touches you can choose that will make a bigger impact than you think – and the best part is, you can buy multiple options, test them out in your room and then decide which one suits best.

Start to update your home by giving cabinets and cupboard doors a refresh, add a spot of colour, vintage style, or an Art Deco inspired touch with some new cabinet knobs. These can be used to introduce a new style or colour into a room, or to tie in a theme you already have in the bedroom, kitchen, living room, or the study!

Moving onto the floors, redoing flooring can rack up quite the bill, but if you’re changing the floor because you’re fed up of the mess or muddy footprints on the cream carpet, investing in practical door mats will save you an awful lot. With doormats in a whole variety of sizes, colours, and styles, even materials, you can buy the doormat that will update your home aesthetic for both décor and maintenance.

4. Spruce up the bathroom

update your home starting with the bathroom

Now, possibility the most satisfying update to your home you can make is to spruce up the bathroom – for me anyway! It’s so clean and crisp and fresh! Just like many other rooms in the house, just by changing one or two things the whole look can be refreshed without the hassle of ripping out sinks and toilets. Change up plush towels, add some new colours or textures, add some new decorative touches; candles, lanterns, plants, even grab a more statement-making mirror. These additions to your updated bathroom will look great on glass shelves; they give a clean and sleek look while not cluttering up sink sides.

For the functional and practical things you need in the bathroom, these can also be refreshed and restyled, so tidy your sink side and organise it with a modern soap dispenser or soap dish, toothbrush holder, and even a bathroom tray if your sink is big enough! Swap out that old bathroom bin for a matching bin and toilet brush set, even add a new toilet roll holder to ensure you cover all bases.

5. Bring the outdoors in

update your home with plants

Everybody knows being out in nature, soaking up the fresh air is great for the mind and soul, so why not update your home for 2022 by adding this to your everyday? From home-grown herbs to hibiscus, you can add a plant pot to every shelf, side, table, and windowsill and bring the outdoors in with some refreshing colours and even fresh fragrances. There’s plant pots in every shape, colour, and style, perhaps you’d love a bright touch, or vintage décor is more your thing, even if Scandi or Boho vibes are what you like.

Maybe you’re like me and you love the idea of updating your home with some natural touches, but you just can’t look after plants if your life depended on it; terrariums are your new best friend! Display them anywhere in your home and you don’t even need to lift a finger, just appreciate your new natural tones. Terrariums can be used for pretty much anything though – try putting fairy lights in one, or stones and pebbles in another, these are a simple way to update your home in a way you can choose and easily change as and when!



 You’re thinking we’re already in February there’s no point trying to update your home now – get rid of that thought! It’s never too late to update your home and get a start on how you want this year to be. I hope this has given you a few ideas you can use to update your home and if you do use any or get some inspiration then please snap us some photos and tag us on Instagram at @rinkithome, or use the #rinkithome, we’d love to see what you decided to do!


As always, thanks for reading,
Love, Poppy, and the Rinkit Team.

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