Preparing for Summer with Garden Sun Shades

Summer is inbound, and oh doesn’t it feel like it’s been long in waiting! With a summer to make up for I hope you’ve got plenty of plans with loved one’s brewing. Whatever your go-to summer activity is, and whoever it’s with, ensure you’ve got cover from the blaring sun (fingers crossed!) and the more than likely downpours with our garden sun shades. They’re the new, easy, and stylish solution to bulky parasols and trapped fingers!

Create your summer of memories with the help of garden sun shades


garden sun shades for dining

Summer is all about gathering around with family and friends, hopefully outside if the weather decides to be good to us. One way you may like to enjoy socialising with loved ones in the summer is getting together for some delicious al fresco dinners, be it a BBQ or a cottage pie simply enjoyed in the outdoors.

Garden furniture sets can often already take up enough space in the garden, add to that a big group of people, plenty of glasses, plates, and dishes spread across the table, a parasol standing through the middle of your garden table may get a bit in the way; block your vision across the table or prohibit you from easily passing around the popular potato salad. Fore, the solution is garden sun shades! Also known as shade sails, sun sails, sail shades.

Our garden sun shades are made from a heavy-duty canvas sail that’s 98% UV protected and waterproof – meaning come rain or shine, tie your garden sun shades to an appropriate structure above your dining table and you’ll be protected from the blaring sun and any showers.

With a selection of colours available, you can still ensure your garden sun shade suits your garden décor; perhaps you have green garden furniture, we have a green garden sun shade, or if you’re tying everything up in a sleek black, we’ve got black garden sun shades. Of course, who says everything has to match, you can mix it up and even have multiple garden sun shades in multiple colours!

Garden sun shades are super easy to take anywhere with you – granted you need appropriate structures to tie each end to, but they fold up small and are lightweight enough to take down to the beach, the park, or even on your camping trip. Lay down your picnic blanket and your beach towels, empty your cool bag and pour yourself a drink, and you can relax under your garden sun shade without worry of burning or getting caught in a downpour. Unfortunately, garden sun shades can’t help with the annoying sand getting in your sandwiches though!


garden sun shades for lounging

Maybe you enjoy spending your summer lounging around, topping up your tan, flying through multiple books, and even with a cocktail in hand – with or without company. Set up your ideal summer relaxation station with the addition of a garden sun shade.

Mastering the best position in the garden where you know you’ll get plenty of sun light for most of the day can be tricky, especially if your house is on an angle that means you’ll constantly be chasing it around – plus, with the temperamentality of British weather who knows if you’ll have to make dash for it from a downpour. Indeed, this is why we have parasols, so we can cast some shade if the sun is too hot and when we have showers, but aren’t parasols a little hefty to set up? Get in the way? And often can’t give you the cover you want?

You can tie garden sun shades above your sun lounger or deck chair, in just the right place nearby that will cover you from both the sun and the rain – even cover your side table too to ensure your devices and cocktails don’t overheat. Tie your garden sun shade to your fence posts, the washing line, or any stable structures you have in the garden and voila, an easy set up that doesn’t require continuous fiddling with throughout the day.

Measuring at 3.6m for our Triangle Garden Sun Shade and 2.5m x 3m for our Rectangle Garden Sun Shade, there’s plenty of coverage for yourself and your friends and with the lightweight design, you can easily pack it up and take it to your friend’s house – you provide the shade, they provide the refreshing beverages (that sounds like a deal!).


garden sun shades for children

Children through the summer can be a nightmare, they’re off school for 6 weeks and something is unleashed in them which seems to make them crazy! Trying to let them have fun in the sun can always be stressful, worrying they’re getting too much sun, if they’ve got enough cream on, their liquid intake, and plenty more. I’m not saying we have a solution for all of that, because there’s nothing that can eliminate your worries entirely, but garden sun shades are certainly something that can help.

Set up your garden sun shades above their outdoor set up, whether they’ve got their designated play area in the garden, or just an area on the decking for their chairs – I could even be a good idea to let them have fun with it and choose the colour and the shape. We all know children never want to do something that we actually want them to do, so having a garden sunshade is ideal – almost like out of sight out of mind for little ones. A parasol will stand tall, right in front of them, while garden sun shades will be above – handy, right? Plus, there’s no need to worry about a parasol being knocked over or ran into and any subsequent injuries and trapped fingers!

Even if your little one likes to copy you, you can lay down a children’s towel below the garden sun shade and they can relax too – albeit for less than five minutes before they get bored.


garden sun shades for events

If you’re lucky enough to have your birthday in the summer, or your children’s birthdays are in the summer holidays, a summer party is a must! Combine multiple garden sun shades to create a bigger canopy and sheltered area to shade guests come rain or shine. U can even just use a garden sun shade to cover where the food and snacks are; set up your trestle tables, maybe even some chairs, or a bench, then tie the sun shade above and you have yourself a practical party set up.

With the variation of colour options available, our garden sun shades are suitable for all events, offering a variety of styles; opt for white for a modern chic, black gives a sleek and sophisticated feel, grey is neutral and subtle, while green can be fun and suit the outdoor environment.



So, simply put, garden sun shades are the new handy, and stylish, solution to summer set ups, whether you like to dine al fresco and grill a few burgers, top up your tan and lounge around, stress less about the kids, or host events and birthday parties!

If you do grab yourself one of our garden sun shades, then please snap us a picture of your summer set up and tag us on Instagram at @rinkithome or use the hashtag #rinkit. Of course, even with a garden sun shade, ensure you still lather on the sun cream and keep yourself hydrated to stay safe this summer.


As always, thanks for reading,
Love, Poppy, and the Rinkit Team.

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