Transform a Space with Rinkit's Top Tips on Mirrors for Home Decor

Change up your home environment and bring some life and light with Rinkit’s selection of mirrors for home decor.

Mirror Mirror on the wall who’s house is the prettiest of them all? When placed correctly, using mirrors for home decor not only can look gorgeous but also allows you to bring more light and space into your home.

Mirrors are one of the most functional decorating tools you can use to add a visual attraction whilst also complementing the surroundings of the space. Finding the right mirrors for home decor can change up your home completely. With lots of different shapes and styles available it’s hard to find what’s right for you in which space. 

Read on for our top tips on mirrors for home decor. 

Big and Bold

An extremely popular trend that isn’t slowing down is of course the statement mirror. A wall mirror that is designed to reflect as much as it can. TOP TIP - In a north-facing room a large well-placed mirror can make the room feel twice in size by maximising the sunlight in the space.

One of our best sellers is the Harbour Housewares 80cm Mirror which comes in a range of 3 colours; Silver, Black and Gold and also in a 40cm option. Head to our Instagram for some inspiration of what our mirrors for home decor transformations could look like in your home! 

Whether it’s a hallway that needs opening up, a bathroom that feels closed off or a statement piece for above the fireplace in the lounge, these mirrors fit the bill.

A Variety of Vintage

That vintage touch in a modern or minimalist styled house has such a simple and elegant affect. It can make the rest of the room feel more lavish and offer that high class compondant. 

At Rinkit we offer a range of Vintage Style Mirrors for home decor to suit a range of spaces. TOP TIP- To make your walls feel taller, add a mirror above a door. This elongates the room and leaves the impression of a window rather than a bare unused wall. 

One of our favourite vintage style mirrors is our Parlane Compass Framed Wall Mirror which comes in a range of three sizes to suit your vacant space. 

Terrific Table Mirrors

Bringing more light and space to even the smallest areas of your home or to just add a necessary item to your makeup table or bathroom shelf, table mirrors for home decor have it all. Free, strong-standing mirrors can give your home that finished look and feel instantly. 

For example, adding the Harbour Housewares Gold Rectangle / Round Free-Standing Mirror to your makeup table provides you with a delicate understated piece as well as a minimal modern touch.

TOP TIP- Placing these types of mirrors opposite a window or light area will make the room feel bigger and give you better natural lighting for your makeup or skin care routine.

Rustic, Scandi Style Rattan Mirrors

One of the most popular styles of 2021 is Rattan. Our collection of rattan mirrors for home decor has been crafted from light-weight willow which combines minimalistic chic with earthy tones for a natural airy aesthetic. 

These rattan mirrors show off more than just the reflection, with a range of shapes such as Daisy, Rose and Angelica  these pieces draw attention to the twisted materials and delicate designs. 

TOP TIP- Use the design as a decor tool. Any empty space (large or small) that needs a touch of something special can be brightened up easily with the organic willow.

 Browse our Mirrors for Home Decor with Rinkit

These are just some of the mirrors we carry in our wide collection. If you are looking for something else such as Large Rectangular Mirrors or Full length Floor Mirrors just shop these links to find more options for you.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and learnt a little about types of mirrors for home decor. When you’ve added a gorgeous mirror to your space please tag us at @rinkithome or use the hashtag #rinkithome to show off your stunning home with us!

As always, thank you for reading.

Love Lottie and the Rinkit Team. 

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