3 Ways to Arrange Your Kitchen Glassware
Everyday we’re trying to find methods in which we can keep our living areas clean and uniformed. A great way to do this is by organising and displaying your kitchen glassware. In this blog I will offer tips and tricks to making your kitchen glassware feel like an unspoiled haberdashery.  
Bring the aesthetic of a fancy bar to your home with these kitchen glassware ideas!  
1 - Kitchen glassware in a Cabinet 
Gone are the days where glassware was hidden out of sight in big bulky cabinets. A lot of people have worked hard for their nice stylish glassware, and why not show them off? Things have changed. Glass-front cabinets found at home interior stores enable you to put your best-looking pieces on display. Make the most out of these cabinets by installing lights inside your glass cabinet. Open viewed space within a cabinet will also open up your kitchen more and give the illusion of a bigger space. 
How to arrange your kitchen glassware in a glass cabinet: 
  • Less is more. When it comes to a glass cabinet, you don’t need to display every tumbler and champagne glass you have. Start by choosing a selection of your most fancy and favourite ones, such as the Bormioli 20s ones (these definitely deserve a place on display!) 
  • Once you have all the kitchen glassware you wish to display, make sure they are all clean and polished to emphasise their shine in the cabinet. 
  • Place the items you use the most on the most accessible shelf for easy access. Your more fancy ones can go on the highest or lowest shelf. This can also serve as a bar when you have guests over! 
  • Play around with positioning of glasses, I’d recommend grouping the same kind together in a row, as it looks fresher. 
2 - Suspendit 
If space is sparse in your home, a great way to arrange your kitchen glassware is by opting for suspension. This is where you can get a glass rack and display it wherever you have space for example, above the sink. These racks come in many different forms, so you can find something to suit your style. These allow you to hang wine/champagne glasses upside down, without taking up any of that precious storage space in your cupboards. You can even have fun and make your own DIY rack so it fits perfectly in your space. Be sure to keep it at a height that is reachable if you use the glasses often. 
3- Putit on a shelf 
If you have a smaller collection, there’s always the simple option of using a shelf. Our floating wooden shelves are perfect for a kitchen or dining room and you can create some beautiful displays with your kitchen glassware. The only thing to remember with this is that if the glasses are not in a closed cabinet then they will gather dust a lot more easily, so make sure to give them a wipe down and clean every now and then. Using shelves allows you to bring your personality to any room and makes your kitchen or dining room more livable and inviting.
Now, if you have a rather large glassware collection, you could use multiple shelves and fill them all up with them. However, if you have a smaller collection you can add other things to the shelves such as fresh plants, jar, spices, photo prints, mugs - the ideas are endless! For more ideas on how to style your shelves, check out our previous blog - Rinkits interior design secrets for styling your shelves  
Organising your kitchen glassware may seem like a daunting task but hopefully this blog has helped give you some super simple tips to help. Whether you have a smaller space to work with, a cabinet, a large collection or a small one there's always a way to display those gleaming glasses. 
Combining decorative glassware, shelving and lighting, you can create the perfect display!  
Thank you for reading and if you use any of these tips in your home, please take a photo and tag us on Instagram, we’d love to see! If you are in need of any  inspiration be sure to check out our Inspireme page here - Inspire Me | Rinkit.com 
Love Gio & The Rinkit Team

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