Our Top Picks: Different Styles of Mirrors for Every Room

Mirrors are the ultimate functional and versatile decorating tool. They are magicians. Whether it’s adding light, extending your small room, serving you and your selfies, or making a daring statement, you can find your perfect style of mirror to suit your needs. What’s a better time to invest now you have places to go, outfits to pose in, and guests ready to impress.

What You Need to Consider When Choosing Different Styles of Mirrors

Shape, placement, and size

There is such a variety of mirrors out there, so to prevent overwhelming yourself you need to first decide what room you want it to go in. Only then you can think about its’ shape, placement, and size.

Shape For every single shape you can imagine, there is a mirror in that shape- but we’ll keep it simple. Starting with the original, the most traditional and most classic, is the rectangular style of mirror. These resemble a painting mounted in a museum, so don’t be afraid to treat it like a piece of art. If you love a uniform and stable effect, making it look like you’ve got everything together, a rectangular style of mirror is for you. On the other hand, if you love a softer, more energetic vibe, perhaps a round style of mirror is for you. These lack the sharp corners and provide variety amongst all your other furniture.

shape styles of mirrors

Placement When it comes to the placement of your mirror, do you want it standing on the floor? Fixed to the wall? Or standing on your dresser? If the style of mirror you’re after is to check out your outfit, then a floor mirror is probably the one, but if you’re one to do your hair and makeup at your dresser in the morning a free-standing style is best. Alternatively, a wall mirror is good for everything I just mentioned, plus, it is out of the way which is extra beneficial; particularly for those with a small space.

 Top tip: have a wall mirror as a feature-piece, make a daring statement with a bold and creative mirror like the Nicola Spring Daisy Rattan Wall Mirror.

placement of styles of mirrors

Size The size of your mirror will be the last thing to think of, once you can narrow the hundreds of styles of mirrors into the shape you want and its placement, then you can measure where you want it and specify dimensions- or around about.

size of styles of mirrors

Now we’ve covered the basics, here are our top picks of different styles of mirrors for each of your rooms

The bathroom

When thinking of mirrors, the first mirror that springs to mind is the functional bathroom mirror. It’s a must for brushing your teeth, shaving that crisp beard line and all round helping you look your best from the get-go! Ideally, you want it to be at least covering your head and shoulders, therefore, on the wall is the most practical place, perhaps above the sink. However, if you’re lucky enough to have a big bathroom, maybe a floor length mirror would give you the full look making the room even bigger.

Take our best-selling Harbour Housewares Rectangular Framed Wall Mirror- 80cm. You can easily hang it above the sink with its hook and the metallic finish to it goes with any bathroom design and colour scheme to create a sophisticated and contemporary look. 

If you do want to make use of a bathroom windowsill, for a decorative or functional purpose, a freestanding mirror like our Harbour Housewares Round Dressing Table Mirror would look great, either as well as, or, instead of a wall mirror. 

styles of mirrors


This is your shrine, your primary getting ready space- unless you have a walk-in wardrobe and then we are all jealous! When it comes to different styles of mirrors; who says you can only have one? If there’s any room to have multiple, the bedroom is it.

Full length floor mirrors don’t have to hide behind bedroom doors or only be seen once the wardrobe is open, it can be a freestanding feature. Check out our Harbour Housewares Square Full Length Floor Mirror to get a full view of your OOTD (outfit of the day) with ease. This style of mirror in your bedroom would amplify your space, particularly if you have little of it, as well as reflect the natural light coming in- so be sure to see where the light falls and optimise it! Now there’s no way you won’t capture that killer selfie!

bedroom styles of mirrors

Also, take a look at the Harbour Housewares Square Dressing Table Mirror for those of you who want the style of mirror be freestanding on your dresser- or any side. This is good functionally to help you do your makeup and check your jewellery close-up, at the same time as decorating your side, handy if you don’t have space for a floor length mirror or as an addition to it.

dressing table styles of mirrors

 Living & Dining Room 

Similarly to your bedroom, your living or dining areas are the spaces that have the most character, they’re the most seen by guests and perhaps the most time spent in by you. This means, make a statement!

There are various ways you can make a statement through different styles of mirrors. Let’s say you want a sleek, sophisticated design: look no further than our Harbour Housewares Round Framed Wall Mirror or the Harbour Housewares Rectangle Framed Wall Mirror depending on the shape you most admire. This metallic framed design touches the on-trend vintage texture and enhances any illumination from the nearby windows flooding your space with natural light. This simplistic yet bold statement would work well above the fireplace or side dresser truly brining the character of your room together.

Alternatively, if you want a more natural but creative design, perhaps to match all wooden furniture, then the Nicola Spring Rose Rattan Wall Mirror will add that beautiful feature to get people talking.

Significantly, if you have a rural and rustic interior design, or love for nautical styles, check out our Parlane Compass Wall Framed Mirror to truly develop some unique character.

living room styles of mirrors


You’re lying if you don’t say the last thing you want to do before you leave the house is check a mirror (whether you are able to or not is different!). So, what style of mirror is perfect for the hallway on your way out the door? To answer this, there are only two options: a full-length style of mirror or a head height wall mirror.

Of course, the full-length floor mirror gives you a complete last-minute check of every aspect of your outfit, there’s no awkward stances to try and see from your hair to your shoes. However, do you need to check your outfit again? Or is it your hair and face you need to double check- after rushing around and leaving everything to the last minute! Then you would need a wall mirror; round or rectangular whichever you decide.

But the best thing about any style of mirror in the hallway, is that they reflect the light, beaming it between the four walls and extending the size of your hallway creating the illusion it is much bigger than it really is.

hallways styles of mirrors


So overall, mirrors are simply a must-have in every room for a variety of purposes you just need to think about each room and how you can optimise it most- and it doesn’t have to be as daunting as it immediately appears.

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I hope this has given you some tips and answered some questions you have about different styles of mirrors, and you now feel like you can design your interior truly the way you want it!

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As always, thank you for reading.

Love Poppy and the Rinkit Team.

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