Our Top Picks: 4 Ways to Use Poster Hangers

Are you bored of showcasing your amazing artwork or favourite family photos in the same standard frames? Our poster hangers are the ideal item to switch up your drowsy displays in favour of something notably more unique and eye-catching!

How to Transform Your Home With the Use of Poster Hangers

Poster hangers can work for any room and make the perfect finishing touch to complete your decorating endeavours. We offer a range of colours and sizes so that you can proudly show off a variety of pieces you have waiting to be hung! From 10cm to 100cm hanger posters, we have you covered. What makes them even better is that they behold a magnetic feature that seamlessly holds the top and bottom of your print, painting, or poster securely in place!

Perhaps you’re looking to add a splash of colour to your living room with some punchy paintings, showcase your treasured photos in your bedroom, or just want an interesting piece to add to your bathroom. In this blog, we’ll talk you through our favourite ways to use poster hangers in each room so that you can elevate your partition exhibitions!

1. Living Room: Upgrade your Art

The first way you can use our poster hangers is through the creation of a gallery wall in your living room. 

Gallery walls are probably one of the biggest interior trends to come from the last couple of years and they’re here to stay! We believe they look best as a focal point, in your lounge, as this is a space where you have the time to sit and marvel at your masterpieces.

Curating a gallery wall with poster hangers, as we’ve done so here, is a refreshingly unique way to implement the trend into your home. Using a variety of shapes, sizes, and frame colours to create an authentic and individual appeal. In addition, we would recommend you choose a mixture of your favourite old and new art pieces, for a truly bespoke and eclectic collection.

When it comes to a gallery wall layout is everything! Make sure you think about the sizes you purchase beforehand and how they will all sit with one another. You want them to all slot together perfectly like a puzzle, whilst also appearing to be a random assortment, that coincidentally glides together to create one glorious gallery!

Placement is also very important when it comes to your gallery wall creation. We would recommend displaying above a piece of furniture, such as your sofa, starting from the width of it and ensuring the centre of the gallery is in the centre of the sofa. We would also suggest hanging the posters so that they are a larger distance away from the ceiling than the furniture below. The gaps between the poster hangers should be based on the sofa it hangs above, therefore if the gallery wall is large compared to the furniture, the space between each frame should be small and vice versa.



 2. Kitchen: Get Organised

The second way you could use our poster hangers is as an organisation station in your kitchen. 

The kitchen is not only the hub of the home but also a place of practicality. Therefore, when using our poster hangers in your kitchen we believe, as well as being an aesthetic touch, there should also be a purpose for them. This is why our favourite way to use poster-hangers in the kitchen is for useful visual aids!

Poster hangers are a great way to display a monthly calendar, which is ideal for helping you and your family or housemates to stay in the know with what you’re all up to, something which is important now the world is opening up again and we’re all becoming a lot busier! We also like to use them for our favourite recipes and conversion tables, so you don’t need to use your phone whilst getting messy in the kitchen! The magnetic feature means you can change the recipes regularly to whatever dish you’re currently loving.

In addition, other useful tools you could use the poster hangers for to help you get organised could be shopping lists, so you can add to them as you go, creating a complete list ready for your weekly shop. Our smaller 10cm version would be great for this, as you can pop it out once completed and take it straight with you to the shops!

Or if you’re on a busy schedule why not use our hanger posters for writing a to-do list, then you get the satisfaction of ticking off all your completed jobs throughout the day!

Another fun idea to add intrigue to your kitchen could be to use the poster hangers for a pin-point map, so you can mark off all the countries you’ve visited, a great conversation starter when you have friends round.

 3. Bedroom: Marvel at Your Memories

The third way we would suggest using our poster hangers is by showcasing your most cherished memories in your bedroom.

A bedroom should be a microcosm of your life and the people in it, which is why we would recommend using our poster hangers to showcase your most treasured memories of you and your nearest and dearest.

Less is always more, which is why we would advise you to not overdo it, keep it simple, and select a handful of your favourite, most cherished photos. We would also suggest using around 5-7 poster hangers of varied shapes and sizes, like we’ve done here, to place your favourite photos in. This will offer depth and range, creating an eye-catching spectacle for you to reminisce.

When choosing which photos to place on your poster hangers be selective, which memories mean the most to you, who are the people that make you happiest, where was the favourite place you visited? These are all important considerations to make when choosing the photos you’d like to place on your poster hangers!

4. Bathroom: Make it memorable

The fourth and final way we would suggest using our poster hangers is by displaying humorous slogans in your bathroom.

Lighten the mood by using our poster hangers to share a humorous quote for your toilet or bathroom! This is a great way to show visitors you’ve gone that extra mile with your interior decorating designs and thought of every last detail! It also exemplifies your fun and light-hearted side. This is also an ideal way to use our poster hangers as the magnetic feature means the posters are easily interchangeable, so you can switch them up and keep your guests guessing. We’ve selected a few fun and punchy posters to get you inspired!




 If you feel inspired to use our poster hangers for a gallery wall creation, getting organised in your kitchen, or showcasing your memories then take a browse at our broad range here.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. If you do decide to use our poster hangers for any kind of purpose, please tag us at @rinkithome on Instagram or use the hashtag #rinkithome because we love to see it! 

As always, thank you for reading.

Love Helena and the Rinkit Team.


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