Rinkit's Festive Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

It’s almost that time of the year (the most wonderful time of the year), when it’s finally encouraged to eat as much as humanly possible, to drink as many drinks as you can handle (responsibly) and feel that festive spirit all in the name of Christmas. Personally for me christmas time is when everyone can go above and beyond, whether that means presents, decorating the house or the unique yet traditional christmas table. So I have written you a christmas table decoration ideas guide to help you.

The Classic Christmas Table

It may not be spoken about as much as the presents and of course the traditional roast dinner, but the christmas table is definitely something to remember, if you do it right. So let me share with you some christmas table decoration ideas.

The moment the family sits down together to have that time to eat and drink and be happy is so humbling and a real special moment at my christmas table. The whole set up is part of the fun and the experience for me too. Putting it all together brings those festive feelings and because it’s christmas, you simply can’t go overboard!

The christmas table decoration ideas can be whatever you want it to be. Whether you fancy a bold bright vibe, a stunning statement set up, or a minimalistic modern setting. Rinkit have you covered with everything to get your seasonal table set up just right for you. I have written out 3 different Christmas table decoration ideas with links to all our products so it couldn’t be easier to get your christmas in check this year.

The Bold, The Bright, and The Beautiful

You can’t go wrong with making the dining table into a Christmas wonderland, as long as there's space for the food of course. But thinking outside the box it’s time to get a little creative and explore a new bold decoration ideas theme.

Start off with a red table runner, a simple product like this not only provides a stunning eye catching piece, but is incredibly helpful for when the parties are over and you need to clear up. It’s super easy to clean, machine washable and rolls up to store, ready for the next occasion. From here let’s talk about the centrepiece, you want some christmas tableware that really stands out so why not try a large glass serving bowl filled with all things red and christmassy like, candy canes, christmas ball balls, pine cones, red ribbons and even red berries. Add some Santa Claus side plates, nut bowls and sharing platters or some glass serving bowls to match the centerpiece for all your roast trimmings and you have yourself a beautiful bold festive arrangement that won’t go unnoticed, one of my christmas table decoration ideas without faff or fuss.

A Stunning Statement Setup

To me, a statement table is key for any christmas setting. There are so many possibilities to choose from, for example, a mini christmas tree, a big cake stand with the show stopping christmas pud or a mountain of profiteroles or even a selection of Christmas lanterns to light up the table and create a warm cosy feel.

For one of the most perfect statement christmas table decoration ideas I would start with a Rustic Rectangular Slate Serving Platter and add to it 2 small white lanterns and 1 large black lantern. Add to the slate some greenery from the garden and a few red berries to complete the set up. Then to match with these use the Red Charger Plates to complement the red berries and this just ties it all together for the perfect christmas table set up.

Alternatively a statement piece could be our large glass jug filled with christmas festive flowers and greenery bursting out of it. Pair this with 3 of the Slate Square Serving Platters in the middle of the table and you have room for all your food, wine and whatever else you want as well as a stunning statement table setting.

The Minimalistic Modern Setting

Now this one is a little more my style, something simple yet understated that doesn’t take a long time to assemble or maintain. This is where the little christmas table decoration ideas seem small but look far more their worth.

Start off with a colour palette, personally I love to have a few shades of green paired with a cream, it’s a little warmer than white but still offers a christmas vibe, add a hint of red or gold for even more flair. Why not start off with a cream table runner, fresh and ready for some soft greens to make it feel more homey. For the centerpiece, keep it low and chilled, I would suggest the Gold Square Serving Tray topped with a few different sizes of vanilla scented candles and some festive holly. Top tip is this - The Christmas decor only needs to last one or two days and therefore you can use your garden or any foliage you want to finish off your seasonal table set up.

To take this to the next level, why not match with the rectangular typha grass placemats with the matching coasters to give a modern sandivanian vibe. Or even with the Gold charger plates to match the gold tray, creating those seasonal Christmas serveware finishes.

So there you have 3 easy to achieve Christmas table decoration ideas that can be adapted and changed to suit your style of home decor. Try something new this Christmas and get creative with your Christmas serveware using Rinkit. Show us your stunning set up for the table, we can’t wait to see what your style is.

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As always, thank you for reading.

Love Lottie and the Rinkit Team.

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