The Best Winter Scented Candles For Your Home

The candle has been a fundamental part of the human existence for over 2,000 years. Without it, we wouldn’t be anywhere near as developed as we are as so little work would have been able to be done indoors due to darkness. Fortunately, they filled that niche and in the last 150 years they have been largely replaced in function by the light bulb. This change however didn’t mean they were ditched, instead they became a symbol of relaxation, love and generally a calm atmosphere.

Scented candles have been around nearly as long, though in recent years the technique for making them and infusing them with different scents has become a lot more advanced. Some people believe that certain scents can trigger autonomous reactions in the body, like the scent of lavender for relaxing, whilst others go so far as to use scented candles in aromatherapy. I’m not qualified enough to say whether or not a scented candle can do any of that, but at the very least we all enjoy a pleasant smell!

And now that the winter nights are stretching on and the cold of winter starts to grip the country, there is no better time to light up a candle to give a room that cozy, warm feel! And with a scented candle you can take that relaxing vibe to the next level. So, here is my recommendation for the best winter scented candles for your home (as well as a couple of ways to display them beautifully!).

Winter scented candles

One of the classic winter scents is the ever popular vanilla. Subtle enough (assuming you don’t have multiple sources of it) to just tickle the senses yet strong enough to mask any odours that come from furniture and general inhabitation of a house. And at their base this is the main use of winter scented candles. This light and delicate scent has been used for hundreds of years in perfumery, and in candles it can instil comfort, light euphoria and relaxation. However, several proponents of aromatherapy claim that vanilla has more powers than just this. A long time ago vanilla was believed to be a febrifuge, something that helps to reduce fevers. This has largely been dismissed by the medical community, however proponents of herbal medicine still swear by it! Vanilla has also been used as an aphrodisiac for a very long time, and still is. It is claimed that it is helpful for male performance issues, as well as frigidity and loss of libido. It apparently is able to stimulate the secretion of testosterone and estrogen which helps normalise sexual behaviour and promotes arousal. Just what you need on a cold night from your winter scented candles!

At Rinkit! we have a wide range of different burn times on our array of winter scented candles, from as low as 90 hours all the way up to 215 hours! We all like a little more bang for our buck so I recommend using the Nicola Spring Round Vanilla Pillar Candle which burns for 215 hours! A perfect housewarming or birthday gift, this single wick candle is capable of burning for up to 215 hours. The classic ivory colour lends itself to any setting - create a gorgeous dining table centrepiece or bring a third dimension to your fireplace, sit back and relax to the flickering light and the sweet fragrance of vanilla. The perfect winter scented candles!

But what about our other candles? We offer a range of unscented candles too!

Unscented candles

We offer a number of different shaped unscented candles, available in silver or gold, perfect for the winter season, though no winter scented candles! So up the ambience with our Metallic silver or gold pillar candles, with a whopping great 130 hours! Fewer things make a room seem cozy and warm more than candles, a blanket and dimmed lights. And with 130 hours of burn time those precious hours you can dedicate to it will keep on going before needing to be replaced. As the name suggests, we’ve finished each of these candles with a metallic coating that will grace any space with a little extra layer of luxury.

For something a bit more seasonal why not check out our star shaped candles? So bump up those festive feelings with these 75 hour candles (perfect for the Christmas period!). If you are still not satisfied we have one more sling to our bow, our unusual ball shaped candles. These candles are perfect for the Christmas table with their low form, and as they have a 32 hour burn time they will get you through Christmas Eve, Day and Boxing day with ease, with some left to spare for New Years!

These candles are perfect pairings for our range of metal candle lanterns, ideal for keeping flames safe from pets or little curious hands. These chic and stylish lamps take their inspiration from the classic Moroccan lantern design, with a constellation of stars cut into the top that brings the beauty of the night sky to your home or doorstep, dancing in the flickering light of the flame within. A choice of 5 soft pastel tones adds a subtle pop of colour, effortlessly accentuating both traditional and contemporary decor alike. Though some of our larger winter scented candles would not fit in these lanterns.

Well that’s all from me, hopefully you found some inspiration for your winter scented candles! See you in the next one!

Sincerely yours,

Jack Maile

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