Unique Kitchen Organisation Ideas for Your Home

No one likes digging through a messy draw or cupboard or having no counterspace because nothing has its own home, but it’s only natural that life gets busy, and spaces become disorganised. Therefore, having well thought-out kitchen organisation ideas will really help to keep everything tidy for longer.

I know it’s a cliché, but a tidy space really does help keep a tidy mind. So, in this blog I have compiled a list of fantastic kitchen organisation ideas to keep both your home and your mind tidy.

The best kitchen organisation ideas


Storage jars will not only keep your produce fresher for longer but are a simple way to keep your kitchen organised and looking 'Pinterest worthy'.

For example, if your carrots are starting to turn; peel, chop and place them in an airtight jar with some water and they will last much longer. You can do the same with all your favourite fruits and veggies. Jars can even make bulk buying easier for items such as oats, rice and pasta. Buy your big money-saving pack and decant it into your storage jar, while hiding the rest away, or storing it in the garage until you need a refill.

These are the perfect kitchen organisation idea because they come in all shapes, sizes and designs- you will definitely find one to suit your interior. Also, who says jars have to be behind cupboard doors, you can keep them out as feature pieces in your home, for a contemporary and organised look. Check out our best-selling Nicola Spring Heart Storage Jar to bring a little love to your kitchen.

You could even repurpose and reuse an old jam or chutney jar rather than letting them go to waste or buying new ones. Organised and sustainable, the perfect combination!

Kitchen organisation ideas: storage jars

Drawer and cupboard organisers

Drawers are the one thing in my home that will just not stay organised- no matter how hard I try or what kitchen organisation ideas I have. I'm sure you have at least one ‘messy drawer’ in your home, which is just bombarded with items making it impossible to find something and you just close it quickly before everything suddenly falls out.

Thankfully, there is an easy solution and the perfect kitchen organisation idea: drawer organisers. Again, these can be done low cost or DIY, and will save you so much time and patience. The idea of it is using a piece of wood, plastic or a similar material to separate different parts of the drawer for different items. For example, separating the big Tupperware boxes from the small, or the oven gloves from the kitchen towels.

For larger drawers or cupboards, you could try using baskets to keep everything tidy and in their own places. This is one of those kitchen organisation ideas that is basic but can make a huge difference, and they add a simple Boho-chic vibe to your home.

Kitchen organisation ideas: storage baskets


One of my favourite kitchen organisation ideas that keeps food, oils and spices organised, is labelling!

When I have everything labelled, I feel like I have my whole life together, maybe this 'adulting' stuff isn't so hard after all... When you have a place for everything it will soon become a habit to put things back there, more importantly, you will be able to tell which herbs are which, so no more mixing them up!

Labels also add your personal touch to your kitchen, reinforcing that you are the all-important head chef.  

Kitchen organisation ideas: labelling

Chalk Boards

If you’re anything like me and come back from food shopping with bags full of items but forget all the products you actually needed, I have the ideal kitchen organisation idea for you...

Chalk boards can be kept anywhere you want, on display or tucked down the side of the knife block. The moment you think of something to add to the shopping list, or a chore that needs to be done, you can jot it down and it will be there for you to see, so no more disappointing returns from the supermarket. Take a look at our Argon Tableware 2 Piece Wooden Table Easel & Slate Board Set.

Utensil Holders

This is the most straightforward and effective kitchen organisation idea for your home. Say goodbye to digging through messy drawers and getting angry because it keeps getting stuck. Utensil holders keep all your wooden spoons and spatulas all in one place. In our Harbour Housewares vintage range, we have many coordinated utensil holders that will match other kitchen storage ideas so your kitchen can stay tidy and all alike.

kitchen organisation ideas: utensil holder

Matching Sets

An oldie but a Goldie. So, this one is not so unique, but it deserves its own section in the kitchen organisation ideas blog, nonetheless.

Keep your bread fresher for longer, whilst in an organised and aesthetically pleasing way. Then, get the matching coffee, tea, sugar and biscuit tins for the perfect finish to your kitchen design.

Check out our Harbour Housewares Vintage range for those mentioned above, as well as sink organisers, first aid tins, washing tablets and more, so you can keep all your household essentials in the most stylish fashion.

Kitchen organisation ideas: matching sets

 Overhead Shelving

This is a very effective kitchen organisation idea to save that precious counter space. Adding an additional shelf in functional places, such as above the stove or sink, can transform and optimise your space.

Use it for your spices, jars, pots and pans, anything really. If you want to be even more quirky, you could install a metal pole above the stove with metal hangings for pots, pans utensils and cooking aprons.

Kitchen organisation ideas: overhead shelving

Swinging Stools

Another great kitchen storage idea to save space is swing stools that can be installed underneath your worktops. Just swing it out every time you need it and then swing it back out of the way once you are done. Genius!

If this sounds a little bit too high tech for you, then a cheaper, and more simple option would be folding chairs/stools that can be stored inside a cupboard or out the way when not in use. We have a fantastic range of foldaway chairs and stools ready for you to check out.

Kitchen organisation: folding chairs

Over-the-sink Drying Rack

When washing and drying dishes, it’s easy to run out of room by the sink. By installing a drying rack above the sink, you will keep worktops clear, and you can even embrace air drying as it’s not going to be in your way. If you are a wine lover like me, you can even dedicate this part specifically for wine glasses to hang and dry.

Cupboard Hooks

To optimise your kitchen space never neglect inside your cupboard doors. A unique kitchen storage idea is to add hooks to the backs of cupboard doors and hang your utensils or pans or even to keep your tea towels and oven gloves out the way. Be creative and use something like a coat rack for all your aprons.

 Kitchen organisation ideas: cupboard hooks

Whether big or small, in a new home or old home, getting creative with kitchen organisation ideas is always worth it!

I hope this blog has given you some inspiration for kitchen organisation ideas and has motivated you to get stuck in. If you use any of these ideas, please show us online by tagging @rinkithome on Instagram or using #RINKIT as we’d love to see!

As always, thank you so much for reading.

Love, Georgina Hannan

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