Unique Kitchen Organisation Ideas for Your Home

Okay I know it’s a cliché, but a tidy space really does help keep a tidy mind. In this blog I have compiled a list of fantastic kitchen organisation ideas to make your life at home easier as well as saving you space.

No one likes digging through a messy draw or cupboard or having no counterspace as it’s become overcrowded with things.  Life get's busy and things get messy however, having a well organised space really can make all the difference for you and your mental health. 


Jars are not only amazing at keeping food fresh but also a great way to organise your cupboard or pantry.

Jars will keep your produce fresher for longer and are a simple way to keep your kitchen organised and looking 'Pinterest worthy'. For example, if your carrots are starting to go funny; peel and chop them and place them in an airtight jar in some water and they will last much longer. You can do the same with produce such as celery or pepper. Jars can even makes bulk buying easier for items such as oats, rice and pasta. You could repurpose and reuse an old jam or chutney jar rather than letting them go to waste. Organised and sustainable, the perfect combination!

Drawer Organisers

Drawers are the one thing in my home that just will not stay organised. I'm sure you have at least one ‘messy drawer’ in your home, which is just bombarded with items making it impossible to find something. Thankfully, there is an easy solution; drawer organisers. Again, these can be done low cost or DIY, and will save you so much time and patience. The idea of it is using a piece of wood, plastic or a similar material to separate different parts of the drawer for different items. For larger drawers or cupboards you could even try using baskets to keep everything tidy and in it’s own place. This is one of those kitchen organisation ideas that is basic but can make a huge difference.


Keep your food, oils and spices organised by labelling your jars. When I have everything labelled I feel like I have my whole life together, maybe this 'adulting' stuff isn't so hard afterall... When you have a place for everything it will soon become a habit to put things back there. Time to go and labelit!

Chalk or white board

If you’re anything like me and come back from food shopping with bags full of items but forget to buy the products you actually need, you’re going to want to keep reading... To take your kitchen organisation ideas to the next level: a great way of staying organised with shopping is by putting a chalk or white board in your kitchen. You can keep these in a place most needed such as on the inside of your kitchen cupboard, or on your fridge. This way, as soon as you realise you need to replace something you can write it straight down to avoid that dreaded disappointment later on.

Utensil Holder

This is a straight foward kitchen organisation idea for your home. Say goodbye to digging through messy drawers with a utensil holder. This keeps all your wooden spoons and other everyday utensils in one place. In our Harbour Houseware range we do some delightful utensil holders which match some of our other kitchen essential tins.

If you are on a smaller budget or are looking to be more sustainable you can even make these yourself. You can upcycle some old tin cans or even an wooden tool box. You can get as creative and crafty as you want to repurpose them to suit your style and home decor.

Peg Board

This is a unique kitchen organisation idea that I have only just come across and I absolutely loveit! The concept is so straightforward, yet the results are amazing. You can use a pegboard for multiple things such as utensils, baskets full of cleaning products, spice racks, food, or just as a fancy way of displaying some kitchen plants or prints.

You can put this on a corner wall, above your stove or even on the inside of a kitchen cupboard.

Bread bin, coffee tin, sugar tin

An oldie but a Goldie. So, this one is not so unique, but it deserves its own section nonetheless. If you haven’t got these things yet then this is your sign that it’s time to jump on board! Keep your bread fresher for longer, whilst in an organised and aesthetically pleasing way. Get a matching coffee, tea, sugar or biscuit tin for the perfect finish to your kitchen design. Our Harbour Houseware range also includes a dishwasher tablets tin, first aid box and compost bins and more so you can keep all your household essentials matching in the most stylish fashion. Get your kitchen organisation ideas unified and on point with our selection of kitchen canisters today!

Having a smaller kitchen can be tricky when it comes to keeping things organised. Not to worry though, I have some fabulous kitchen organisation ideas for smaller homes that I cannot wait to share with you!

Overhead shelf

This is a very effective way of saving that precious counter space. Adding an additional shelf in functional places such as above the stove or sink can transform your smaller space.

Use it for your spices, jars, pots and pans or even washing up stuff. If you want to be even more quirky you could install a metal pole above the stove with metal hangings for pots, pans utensils and cooking aprons. Why not tryit!


Chopping boards can take up a hefty amount of room, especially if you are only have a small surface area of counter space to use. You can install a chopping board under counter between drawers that pulls out when you need it, leaving room on the counter to make cooking easier. Cut a hole in the corner of the chopping board so that you can scrape the food scraps straight into the compost bin. If you are designing a new kitchen, you could even leave a small space between cupboards just for chopping board storage.

Swing Stools

Another great way to save space is using swing stools that can be installed underneath your worktops. Just swingit out every time you need it and then swingit back out of the way once you are done. Genius!

If this sounds a little bit too high tech for you, then you could try some simple folding chairs/stools that can be stored inside a cupboard or out the way when not in use. We have a fantastic range of foldaway chairs and stools, go ahead and viewit

Over-The-Sink Drying Rack

When washing and drying dishes, it’s easy to run out of room by the sink. By installing a drying rack above the sink, you will keep worktops clear and make your life much easier. If you are a wine lover like me you can even dedicate this part specifically for wine glasses to hang and dry. Simply washit, hangit and leaveit to dry.

Cupboard hooks

To get the most out of your kitchen space never forget to use the inside of your cupbaords. Add some hooks and hang your utensils or pans or even use it to keep your spice rack. Be creative and use something like a coat rack for all your aprons.

In conclusion:

Whether big or small, in a new home or old home, getting creative with kitchen organisation is always worthit! I hope this blog has given you some inspiration for kitchen organisation ideas, and motivated you to get stuck in and tryit. If you use any of these ideas, please show us online by tagging @rinkit or using the #RINKIT hashtag so we can take a peep at your hardwork

Organiseit, Arrangeit, Storeit - Rinkit! As always, thank you so much for reading.

Love, Georgina Hannan

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