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Soak up some sun with the Rinkit range of reclining sun loungers

Is your patio looking a bit bare? You can only stuff in so many plant pots and ornaments before it looks just a bit cluttered. That's why you need a statement piece of furniture - like a reclining sun lounger!

Sun loungers allow you to soak up the summer sunshine in style, and with Rinkit they don't need to cost as much as you think. We offer superb comfort, for less!

The key thing is finding the right style and function in a reclining sun lounger for you - do you want a heavy static piece of furniture that can withstand a bit of rough weather and the dog jumping on it? Does your garden face north or south and get hit by a moving wall of shade? Are you just a bit tight on space? To get the most bang for your buck you need to seriously consider these things.

Different types of reclining sun lounger

The most important factor that you need to determine is how exactly you want to use your reclining sun lounger. Some companies only make sun loungers that stay fixed at one angle, or do not allow you to sit partially reclined. The Rinkit range of sun loungers all allow you to choose the best angle for you, whether fully upright, flat on your back or anywhere in between!

A semi-reclined position makes it easier to read, drink and maintain conversations without the issue of awkward double chins. A fully reclined position is ideal for relaxing and sunbathing, just try not to doze off and wake up lobster-esque.

Fixed or folding models


Reclining sun lounger


The main benefit of folding recliners is that they take up less space. This type of design is preferable if you don't have much storage space or if you have family/friends that like to sunbathe together and might end up with a set of 4 reclining sun loungers. It should also be noted that it is always easier to move around a collapsible sun lounger than a stationary one so you can chase the sun until dusk (even more so if it has wheels, like the Palamos Folding Sun Lounger!).

Adjustable or multi-position recliners

Designed to fit the contours of your body for relaxation, s-shaped sun loungers offer ergonomic design and comfort. Ideal for people with back issues and/or those who have difficulty getting up - or those who want ultimate relaxation.


reclining sun lounger


The Resol Master Reclining Sun Lounger range is the perfect example of a multi-position reclining sun lounger - with 5 reclining positions you get great flexibility, designed to make you comfortable in any situation.

Reclining Sun Lounger Materials


The advantages of PVC are it's durability, ease of maintenance and price. Our sun loungers made with PVC are built from rugged, injected polypropylene that has been treated with additional UV Protection, making them perfectly suited to the rigours of UK and EU summertime.


Our range of Sussex Sun Loungers have a frame constructed in powder-coated steel that makes them exceptionally durable whilst also providing a sleek modern look that will sit perfectly upon any lawn, balcony or poolside patio.

Seating material: Texteline

Texteline (or textilene or textoline) is a material that you may have seen listed by various outdoor furniture providers without really knowing what it is. Texteline is a generic term for a type of synthetic fabric- a high strength polyester with PVC compound. They have higher UV resistance than organic compounds and offer great comfort and ease of cleaning.

Accessories to your reclining sun lounger


reclining sun lounger



A fab optional extra that makes summer napping outside safe! Sunshades guarantee protection from the sun's rays and act as a sort of mini parasol. The Harbour Housewares range of triangle and rectangle sun shades are the perfect way of deflecting and protecting you from those harmful UV rays. Particularly, great for the kid's to ensure they still get some shade while playing.


Parasols, like sunshades, block harmful rays and allow you to relax in the shade of the blazing summer sun. They are easier to set up than sunshades, as they are fixed and usually just need to be slotted into a parasol base, but they also take up a lot more room. The trade off of time over space!

Sun Lounger Table

The reclining sun lounger is all set up, you've done the flip-flop half on your foot waddle and you're ready to sit down - only you've got a drink in one hand, a book tucked under your armpit and the suntan lotion in the other hand, as well as awkwardly crushing a pillow against your body. How are you meant to sit down without dropping everything? Hello sun lounger table! Need I say more?

And there you have it - all the info you need to make an informed decision on your next reclining sun lounger purchase! And with the bank holiday looming there's no better time to catch some rays than a well deserved 3-day weekend (or 4-day for the lucky few).

That's all from me this week! Make sure to check out some other blogs from our other fabulous writers.

Sincerely yours, Jack Maile

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