What is a Box Frame and How to Use Them?

Making sure your most precious memories and cherished loved ones get the appreciation they deserve can be a struggle, there’s never anything that will truly do them justice! But the place to start is definitely with Box Frames. You might have heard of these before as they are increasingly becoming more and more popular, but exactly what is a box frame? Stick around to find out what a box frame is and how to use them in your home.

What is a box frame, and how can they be used?

Box frames are just like standard photo frames, but with the ability to create an even more effective display. Simply put, they have a larger gap between the backing and the glass front so you can frame 3D objects – anything from scrabble pieces to football shirts or sea shells and Lego pieces. Box frames from Rinkit have an impressive depth of 3.5cm.

You can create incredible displays across multiple layers within your frame, so you can make a statement, cast shadows, and achieve multi-dimensional effects. To create a striking photo wall, use multiple box frames and multiple different layers within them!

What is a box frame good for if it doesn’t suit your home? Box frames come in all different sizes and colours, so you’ll be able to give your precious memories and cherished loved ones the appreciation they deserve, all while fitting in with your home décor! Browse our box frames here to see which ones would suit your home.

The Classic Box Frame Set Up

What is a box frame: Classic Set Up

The simple answer to “what is a box frame and how to use one”, is they’re a frame ideal for anybody looking to make a statement with bold lines.

Use them simply in the classic set up, or in other words, as a standard photo frame. Keep your precious photo front and centre with an eye-catching bold frame that leaves all the talking and detail to your image.

To do this for both wall mounted and freestanding, the layout of your frame will be Glass | Picture | Spacer, so your photo is fixed at the front of the frame.

The Striking Depth

Striking depth in Box Frames

What is a box frame, if not a way to achieve something out of the ordinary?

Give your image the showcase it deserves by creating the perfect stage. Set your picture back to cast some shadows and ambience with the Spacer | Glass | Picture layout. This creates the striking depth and 3D effect of a stage, causing a standing ovation every time.

The Crafter’s Choice

The Crafters Choice of Box Frame

What may come to mind when you’re asked, “what is a box frame?”, is frames that feature the crafter’s choice, e.g., scrabble letters spelling out all the names in your family, Lego pieces recreating a story, or featuring a string line of polaroid’s. You really can frame anything you like, whether it be something creative or your signed football shirt from your favourite player.

This would involve the layout Glass | Spacer | Picture. This leaves space at the back of the box frame for your treasure or creative piece. Stick your creative masterpiece to a piece of paper first for a standout box frame effect that will stay in place!

For various ideas and inspiration on creating your own Crafters Choice box frame, check out our Thinking Outside the Box Blog.

The Mount

Using a deep box frame with a mount

You don’t know the answer to “what is a box frame and how to use one” until you know all the answers and all the variations. Another way to use a box frame is to use it with mounts.

A mount can be a way to add breathing room around your photo, between it and the frame, almost like a border. You can choose the size of this border, whether you prefer a thinner, more delicate look, or a thicker, bolder effect, and different colours. Different sizes and colours will create dramatically different effects – it really varies on personal opinion and how you want your photos to look. You can even mix up the mounts among various pictures for a truly dynamic effect.

The breathing room around your photo will also protect it against damage and condensation, keeping your precious images in pristine condition – which we all know is highly important!

Deep Box Frames

What is a deep box frame?

What is a deep box frame?

Deep Box Frames are an even deeper variation of box frames, almost twice as deep at 6cm.  Indeed, this creates a twice as striking effect, with the same options of the classic set up, the striking depth, the crafter’s choice, and all of these with mounts.

This also leaves extra room to sit or hang things on your frame. Just as you can see in the image, you can display decorative trinkets or mini plants on the top or within the box frame.



You can browse all our box frames here!

I hope this has helped you learn a little about what is a box frame and how you can use one to give your treasured images the justice they deserve! It’s important to test and try each of these displays so you can see which works for you best.

When you know which works best and have created some stunning displays, please tag us with your masterpieces on Instagram @Rinkithome or use the hashtag #rinkithome. We can’t wait to see!


As always, thanks for reading.

Love, Poppy and the Rinkit team

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