Top Summer Garden Essentials

After 3 lockdowns and strict social distancing guidelines, things are starting to return to normal, and as long as we’re all safe, we deserve to make the most of it - and what better time than the Bank Holiday weekend coming up! It’s been a while since we’ve had people over, is your garden ready for the weekend of the year? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of the top summer garden essentials you need for this Bank Holiday!

The 6 summer garden essentials you need to make your Bank Holiday weekend one to remember

Summer Garden Essentials: Table Summer Garden Essentials: Dinnerware Summer Garden Essentials: Fire Pit Summer Garden Essentials: Parasol Summer Garden Essentials: Deck Chair
Summer Garden Essentials: Bistro Set Summer Garden Essentials: Ice Bucket Summer Garden Essentials: BBQ Tools Summer Garden Essentials: Shade Summer Garden Essentials: Hammock


1. Dining delight

The first summer garden essential you certainly need is a good dining spot. Whether it’s for a delightful al fresco feast, a casual selection of your favourite buffet foods, or just somewhere to put all those drinks. Also, the perfect dining spot depends on how many people there are. Will your bank holiday be a romantic retreat for two or will you have all your loved ones over for a summer finale? 

Summer Garden Essentials: Resol Table

Our Resol 6-seater garden dining table is perfect for gatherings, with ample room for everyone to fit around and to hold all your food and drinks. With an immensely strong and durable construction, no matter how the night ends, your dining table will still be standing! 

Summer Garden Essentials: Bistro Table Set

Or, if it will be a romantic weekend for two. Our Harbour Housewares bistro set is a cute way to turn your garden into your own romantic Parisian café. 

2. Eco-friendly tableware

Now you’ve got your table, your next summer garden essential is some tableware! And come on, it’s 2021 so let’s keep it eco-friendly. 

Summer Garden Essential: Dinnerset

Opt for some bamboo tableware, like this set of Nicola Spring. Bamboo fibres are extremely durable, so are perfect for outdoor dining and are a renewable alternative to disposable plastic plates - so you don’t need to worry about breaking your plates nor damaging the environment. 
Who’s to say just because it’s eco-friendly means it can’t be fun and stylish. Our bamboo dinner set comes with a botanical leaf print design, allowing you to embrace your inner boho and give your garden a style upgrade!

3. Keep it cool

Come rain or shine (and we all know how unpredictable British summertime is!) you want to keep your drinks cool and refreshing!

Summer Garden Essentials: Drinks Cooler

That’s why we’re saying one of your summer garden essentials is an ice bucket! Whether you use it to store your bottles or keep your ice, choose a large one, like our 4L ice bucket, so you can fit plenty in and keep those drinks flowing!

4. Heat it up

The next summer garden essential is certainly a must-have but can be used in different ways depending on what you fancy!

Summer Garden Essential: BBQ Fire Pit

If a BBQ will top your bank holiday weekend off, then grab yourself a fire pit and grill and get ready to get grilling! Or, due to our unpredictable weather, the evening may start to cool off, so what better than a flickering fire to keep you toasty while you stare into the mesmerising flames with those you love most? 

Summer Garden Essentials: Rinkit BBQ Tools

Be sure to equip yourself properly with some great quality BBQ tools too! Check out ours from Australian brand Bobby Q - the connoisseurs of BBQing themselves.

5. Chic shade

Whether protecting yourself from sun or rain, a summer garden essential for your Bank Holiday weekend is a parasol or shade! 

Summer Garden Essentials: Garden Parasol

Opt for a parasol to cast shade over your table or a dedicated area in your garden, so you’ve got a place to run to if the beaming sun gets too much or if there’s a sudden downpour. Our Harbour Housewares parasol fits perfectly with our Resol dining table for your ultimate Bank Holiday set up. 

Summer Garden Essentials: Shade Sail

However, if you’d rather a more subtle option for shade, our shade sails are super chic and minimalist. These simply tie to different points of your garden and are waterproof and UV protected too, so you’ve still got that place to run to if needed. These are also great to tie above where the children are playing, so you can ensure they’re protected - and they can’t play with it, hurt themselves, or trap their fingers. 

6. Additional nostalgic seating

Now not everyone will want to huddle around the dining table, it’s good to spread out (especially post pandemic!) so that’s why we recommend your last summer garden essential is some additional seating. 

Summer Garden Essential: Additional Seating

We love the nostalgic, traditional ‘Brighton beach’ deck chair - and lucky for you, we have plenty of options! They’ve all got FSC certified wooden frames, so are ethically sourced, to keep your environmentally friendly theme going, and with hard-wearing polyester canvas that will withstand all the wear and tear your Bank Holiday weekend may entail! 

Summer Garden Essentials: Hammock and Stand

You could travel a little further and invite nostalgia of the Bahamas or any tropical island, with a hammock. Just lay back, relax, and soak up the sun! Bring this Bank Holiday weekend on! 



So, that’s our top summer garden essentials for your Bank Holiday weekend - make the most of it and make it one to remember. You deserve it! 

I hope you’ve now got some inspiration to start planning and grabbing all the summer garden essentials you need.  

We’d love to see your Bank Holiday weekend photos and garden set ups, so please tag us at @Rinkithome on Instagram, or use the #rinkithome, we look forward to seeing them all!

Have a great weekend.
As always, thanks for reading,
Love Poppy, and the Rinkit Team

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