How to Add a Touch of Scandinavian

There’s no better way to take a minimal approach to your interiors than by adopting the intentionally subtle Scandi trend. A style that continues to increase in popularity, owing to its blend of soft textures, hues, and sleek designs, it is guaranteed to make even the coldest of rooms look warm and inviting. From timeless table and chair sets to slick storage solutions, we have you covered if you’re looking to add a Scandi touch to your home!

If there’s one thing the Scandi aesthetic epitomises it's minimalism and a lack of clutter, which is why simple storage solutions are key. If you’re on the hunt for just the right kind of jars, why not try our range of Argon Tableware Glass Storage Jars.  We offer a range of lids, including cork, metal, wooden and leather loop, however if you’re looking to really achieve that simple Scandinavian appeal then keep it consistent and stick to one style. The glossy finish on the glass and the warmer toned lids are a minimalist’s dream and ensures you can proudly show off whatever nuts, pulses’ or grains you like! The best part is that they come in a range of sizes from 2 litres for your spaghetti to our new size, 110ml, ideal for your oils!

If there is one type of home Scandi style was made for its places that are space stretched. If you don’t have much room to manoeuvre ensuring you maximise space is key, which is why our Harbour Houseware Two Seater Breakfast Table is ideal as the open design allows the space it sits in to appear larger, due to the amount of floor visible! The warm wood gives it that super Scandi touch, creating a homely appeal, perfect for double dining.

My Favourite way to Add a Scandi Touch

As someone who has a personal preference for a fresh and natural aesthetic our range of Nicola Spring Typha Belly Baskets tick this box. Perfectly practical, they’re great for quickly hiding away your bits and bobs, something that is especially vital if you have little ones and ideal for making sure you maintain that minimalist Scandi aesthetic!

Let us know what you think and what you love!

Creative Wizard,