Industrial Interior Design

Industrial styling is a trend that has continued to gain popular attention in recent years. Inspired by factories and industrial spaces, the idea was originally born by warehouses, barns and industrial buildings alike being converted into living spaces. 

What Is Industrial Style Decor?

Characteristically, it’s defined by raw, unfinished looking interior showcasing utilitarian materials such as wood, metal and cement. These are materials we love using at Rinkit and they are gaining increasing popularity. It also consists of stripped back architectural details including raw bricks and textured walls. 

Industrial styling mostly consists of neutral hues and materials that focus on different natural textures although there is room for experimentation. It’s an environmentally friendly approach to design, encouraging the use of recycled and salvaged materials. 

Despite the simplicity of this type of design, the industrial style manages to create a bold statement, providing a juxtaposition of modern vs worn. 

Our Range Of Industrial Decor

Our new Parlane range featuring our boat metal planters are the perfect example where industrial meets contemporary, mid-century and beyond. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, this planter will provide the perfect showcase for the products of your favourite horticultural pursuits. Another favorite from this range is our Cherwell metal candle lanterns. The natural framework and stainless steel metallic finish will add an industrial vibe to any room.