Modern Interior Design

The modern style movement grew in popularity throughout the 20th century and has continued to grow to what we see it as today.

What Is Modern Interior Design?

In simple terms, modern refers to the reflection of modern art movements in the interior design of a home. This style is known for its clutter-free and straight line designs. With this style, less is always more!

Furniture is typically plain with clean lines and shapes for a minimal finish.  
Dark wood tones and darker coloured furniture provide a sophisticated finish to the style, giving the sense of wealth and class.

To maintain the minimal vibe and streamlined look to your space, modern interior design tends to use a mix of natural materials including stone, wood and leather (faux or real). Neutral materials and earth colours are usually chosen to eliminate unnecessary detailing.

Discover Our Modern Home Decor Collection

One of Rinkit’s modern style favourites are our Argon Tableware slates. The natural material and dark grey colour would certainly complement any modern style and home. Arguably one of the biggest trends in serveware- and one of our bestsellers- their durability and strength goes unmatched. With rubber feet to protect furniture and heat resistance qualities, you can serve food straight from the oven; bringing the ultimate dining experience to the comfort of your home. Talk about sophistication!