Scandinavian Interior Design

The Scandinavian style - as we recognise it today - emphasises light, neutral tones with pops of colour and natural textures. With a heavy focus on natural wood and organic materials, this style brings a Boho-chic vibe to any interior and creates an effortlessly elegant aesthetic.

History Of Scandinavian Interior Design

Traditionally, Scandinavian houses were small and didn’t allow for excessive belongings. Although homes are typically built larger now, the idea of keeping your space clutter free has remained an important aspect of the Scandi design.
Popularity for this style declined in the 1960s and onwards but the new focus on sustainability during the 90s and 2000s brought about a new life for this trend which has continued to grow to this day.
The growing awareness of our deteriorating climate has made it important to be aware of our choices of materials and choose a more sustainable approach, as a business and as individuals. In interior design, organic and eco-friendly elements bring a sense of calm, peace and a welcoming, ambient space.

Our Scandinavian Décor

Rinkits Scandivavian must haves include our Typha range which features our best selling Belly Baskets. These compliment the neutral tones found in this style and are perfect for holding plants to add a pop of colour and greenery to your rooms.
They come in 2 different sizes and are extremely versatile. Their sustainable material is lightweight and durable, with folding handles making them easy to manoeuvre and stack, ideal for both smaller and bigger homes.
Mix and match with our full range of Typha products including our toilet roll holders, cutlery trays, placemats and coasters to create the perfect Scandinavian interior.