Introducing Autumn 2021

If this pandemic has taught me one thing, it’s to appreciate the small moments in life and to try and be more present. In a day in age where being constantly busy and ‘on the grind’ is seen as successful and the norm, it’s hard to remember that it’s okay to slow down and be still for a while. It’s so important to have moments like this and Autumn 2021 for me is a great time to do this. There’s something so comforting about sitting near a fire with a blanket and a hot chocolate after a crisp autumn walk. It’s time to put away the paddling pools and beach mats and welcome in the hot water bottles, cosy throws and all things spooky! 

Introducing autumn 2021; your short guide to making your home feel like fall - 

In my opinion, there’s no better way to add some cosy ambiance to your room than with a candle. There’s something so comforting about the flicker of orange candlelight to accompany your autumn evening. Paired with your self care routine, you can have the ultimate spa experience, and Autumn 2021 is the perfect time to ramp up your self-care, reflect on the previous months and create the person you want to be in 2022. Choose candles with autumnal scents such as pine, amber or spice. Our Nicola Spring cinnamon and orange candle’s are the perfect fall companion to capture a cosy cottage-core aesthetic. 

Fire Pits

Just because the season has changed and we’re moving into Autumn 2021, it doesn't mean we can’t still enjoy our time outside. A fire pit is a great way to extend your time outdoors even as the weather gets chillier. Being outdoors helps us sleep better, improves our mood and relieves stress. It’s a great time to practise mindfulness or spend some quality time with loved ones (and maybe a red wine or two). Studies have shown that listening to the crackle of a fire can reduce symptoms of anxiety and if nothing else it’s extremely comforting. A great way of entertaining guests in the autumn/winter without being stuck inside, is with a fire pit. Even better if it’s a clear night and you can see the stars. To read more about how to extend your time outside with fire pits have a look at our previous blog - Extend your time outside with an outdoor garden fire pit ( 

Autumn 2021 Crockery - 

Coffees, teas and hot chocolate; you can’t think of autumn without a hot drink coming to mind. A hot beverage can brighten up any mood; so whether you are getting ready in the morning, working hard or snuggled up in the evening, make sure you have the perfect autumn 2021 crockery to pair it with.Our Nicola Spring half and half patterned crockery is perfect for fall due to it’s autumnal burnt orange and mustard colour. 

Casserole Dishes -


One of my all time favourite things about fall is cooking warm and hearty meals. A cast iron pan gives you so many options for one pot recipes that are not only comforting in the colder weather, but are also easy to make. You can even bake bread in it (remember the bread baking craze during lockdown 1.0?!) 

Soups are one of my go to recipes all through the cooler season. For your favourite Autumn 2021 hearty meal, check out this really easy soup recipe I use, that can be cooked in one cast iron pan. 


2 tbsp olive oil 

¾ cup vegetable broth 

1 cup coconut milk or coconut cream

2 tbsp sugar 

2 tbsp of dried basil or fresh chopped basil 

3 carrots peeled and chopped

1-2 onions 

Garlic to taste

Salt and pepper to taste 


Put all the ingredients into your pan, place the lid on top and place in the oven on at about 180 degrees heat for around 30 minutes or until the vegetables are soft (times may vary depending on your oven). Cooking tomatoes in the oven like this makes the soup really creamy, sweet and delicious. Once cooked, allow them to cool slightly then use a hand blender to combine until you are left with a creamy soup. Top with some sunflower seeds and coconut cream (optional) and enjoy as you instantly warm up! 

Hot water bottles

Finally, to sum up this introduction of autumn 2021 blog, I think it’s only fair to give hot water bottles their moment in the spotlight. As we know, hot water bottles are great for injuries, back pain and cramps however, there’s so many other ways in which hot water bottles can benefit us. Hot water bottles have been proven to help with stress and anxiety, aid digestion, help fight viruses and help our immune system. Try putting a hot water bottle in your bed 10 minutes before you get in it, then snuggle up and take a few deep steady breaths. Hopefully the warmth of the hot water bottle, especially when the weather is a bit rubbish outside, will provide you with some kind of comfort. 


It’s easy to feel a bit deflated when summer ends and the days grow shorter and cooler. Some people are autumn crazy and count down the days for Halloween even in summer, whilst others start to wish for next summer as soon as it’s ended. Whichever type of person you are, I hope this blog has helped you get your head around fall and winter, and hopefully become more excited about the thought of days spent snuggled up with your favourite autumn 2021 accessories. 

As always, thank you for reading. Speak soon! 

Love, Georgie and the Rinkit team  

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