What to Keep in Food Storage Jars

It’s so easy to just roll down the top of packages, stick a peg across the corner, wrap it in cling film, or chuck it in a ‘sandwich bag’ (tie-able or zip locking plastic bags). But all these methods are not as effective as you think - yes, they may be easy, you haven’t got think about what you can and can’t keep in food storage jars, and we all love an easy kitchen hack, but you will end up wasting more food, therefore money, it doesn’t make your kitchen look organised, and they’re not particularly eco-friendly. 

Have a read of this blog for some information, tips, and help regarding food storage jars and what to keep in them!

what to keep in food storage jars blog

Why Should You Use Food Storage Jars? 

At Rinkit, we love a good food storage jar and once you’ve read this list you will too! 

  • Helps you to bulk buy

  • Preserves your food, reducing food waste – saving you money

  • Easily cleaned and sterilised

  • Reusable, eco-friendly

  • Insect and rodent proof

  • Glass food storage jars don’t leach chemicals or toxins

  • Easily accessible - identifying and opening 

  • Abundant and inexpensive

  • Look great in any home, kitchen, and pantry 

What to Keep in Your Food Storage Jars and Where!

Dried Foods

what to keep in food storage jars: dried foods

Where to keep: Cupboards/Pantry

Pasta, rice, oats, lentils, beans, and all your dried foods are great foods to store in food storage jars. Firstly, because they often come in bland packages that ruin your kitchen aesthetic and just look untidy! Whereas these dried foods can often create an effective display of colours and shapes ideal for your home. 
But mainly, using airtight food storage jars, your dried foods will remain preserved much longer, so when bulk buying large bags of pasta, you can decant it into food storage jars, hiding away the leftover packet, ready to refill when needed. 

Kitchen Side Essentials

what to keep in food storage jars: kitchen side essentials

Where to keep: Kitchen Side/Cupboards

When we say kitchen side essentials, we mean your tea, coffee, sugar, and of course biscuits; the kinds of things you access daily. 
These are great to keep in food storage jars, particularly glass ones, because they do create a charming, homely feel. Try to buy airtight food storage jars for these too, especially for your sugar, biscuits, and coffee grains. 

Left Overs

what to keep in food storage jars: left overs

Where to keep: Fridge

Keep your leftovers in food storage jars, particularly chopped veggies, soups, and stews as they’re easy to pour. Store them in the fridge in airtight containers to best preserve them and prevent any leakages. Also, using glass food storage jars, you’ll be able to easily identify what meal it is, so you don’t take the wrong lunch to work! If you’ve ever done this, isn’t it so disappointing!


what to keep in food storage jars with liquids

Where to keep: Fridge

If you love making your own freshly squeezed fruit juices or smoothies, food storage jars are a great way to store these in the fridge and keep them fresh! or even milk, for a more aesthetically pleasing look. Ensure the seal is airtight and leak proof so you don’t end up with all kinds of spillages. It’s also a great idea for the summer to store water with your favourite fruits, lemon, or cucumber, in the fridge so it stays cool and infuses the flavours giving you a much-needed refreshing drink. 

Baking Goods

what to keep in food storage jars: baking goods

Where to keep: Fridge

Baking goods are another useful way to use food storage jars. Storing flour, corn-starch, baking powder etc, this way will preserve them just like your other dried foods! It would be a good idea to choose big food storage jars, or at least ones with a big opening, particularly for flour, as we all know how messy that can be to pour. It would be handy to have a scoop or enough room to dive in there with a spoon.

I don't know about you, but I can never tell the difference between caster and granulated sugar, so you can opt for food storage jars with labels so you can write on them what the contents are, so you never have this issue! Check these out!

Preparation Foods

what to keep in food storage jars: food prep

Where to keep: Fridge

Lastly, use your food storage jars to preserve your fruits and veggies, and other foods you like to prep before cooking. This is always handy, so you don’t have to do it all at once or if you don’t have much time. 
Storing your fresh herbs in a food storage jar in the fridge is another useful thing - keeping them fresh so they’ll add plenty of flavour to your meals! 

Other Ideas

what to keep in food storage jars other ideas

Where to Keep: All Over the House 

There’s plenty of other ways you can use food storage jars in rooms beside the kitchen and pantry. For example, use them as a vase for an industrial décor piece, use them to store bathroom essentials like cotton buds, or even as a toothbrush holder. A food storage jar also makes a great decorative accessory if you fill it with fairy lights, or sand and stones you collected on your recent holiday. 

 what to keep in food storage jars fun ideas

So, simply put, food storage jars really are a great asset to have in your home, mainly for your food products, to make your life easier, reduce food waste, and inevitably save money! 

I hope this has given you the information you needed to decide if you want to start buying food storage jars, or how to fill the food storage jars you’ve already bought. 

If you think your home looks great filled with organised, sleek food storage jars then we’d love to see! Tag us at @Rinkithome or use the hashtag #rinkithome on Instagram so we can see how you decide to use them! 

You can browse all our food storage jars here. There's a vast range of styles available so you can achieve the exact look you want and keep your foods fresher for longer. 

If you want more info and inspiration for your home and garden, check out our other blogs for some helpful information and friendly tips and tricks!

As always, thanks for reading.
Love Poppy, and the Rinkit Team

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